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Product Updates

New Product Features To Help Nonprofits Flourish

Driven by community feedback and shaped by fundraising experts.

2024 Updates


Volunteer Recognition & Leaderboard and Email Automation

Our latest updates help you recognize your volunteers in more formal ways to keep them engaged, happy, and coming back.

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Volunteer Re-Engagement Automation

Need an easy way to re-engage inactive volunteers? Our latest email automation update helps you re-engage inactive, or dormant, volunteers, all within the same platform.

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Bloomerang Unlocks the Fundraising Potential of your Constant Contact Data

The wait is over! Our latest integration unites the strengths of Constant Contact and Bloomerang.

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Bloomerang Acquires Qgiv To Deliver The Sector’s First Giving Platform

By combining Bloomerang’s leading donor and volunteer relationship management platform with Qgiv’s best-in-class fundraising platform, we can help nonprofits raise more money and improve their fundraising outcomes through stronger relationships with supporters.

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2023 Updates


Tap to Pay & Quick Donation: Now Available for Android

Now available for both Android and iOS devices, Tap to Pay makes it easy to accept donations within moments while on the go with the tap of a credit card or mobile device. Further streamline the process using Quick Donation to quickly create and add a donation.

Accept Donations Using PayPal & Venmo

Now you can capture more donations by offering donors convenient and efficient ways to give. Add PayPal and Venmo to your Bloomerang and Fundraising forms and save time as donations are automatically added to your database.

Track the Value of Volunteer Hours & Contributions

Better understand the contributions of your volunteers with new tracking and reporting features. Access the data you need to support resource needs and grant submissions, recognize your best volunteers, and inspire existing and potential new volunteers.

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Available Now: Tap to Pay

Tap to Pay makes it easy for donors to tap their credit card or digital wallet and give within moments on the Bloomerang Mobile App for iOS devices. If you haven’t downloaded the Bloomerang App for iOS, download here. This feature will be available soon for Android!

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Bloomerang Mobile: Quickly Accept Donations

It is now faster than ever to add donations on the go using the new Quick Donations feature. Users can create or search for a donor and accept donations all without leaving the home dashboard.

Automate Self-Signup Communications

Save time, reduce confusion, and stay in touch with prospective volunteers by using automated communications throughout the self-signup process. Set up communications the way you want and ensure that volunteers are informed every step of the way.

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Send Tax Summaries

Save time this tax season by sending tax summaries to your donors in just a few clicks. Tax summaries are emailed to your donors, thanking them for their contributions over the year and allowing them to have a record of their donations ahead of tax season.

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Enable Seamless Donations: Apple Pay and Google Pay

Digital wallet adoption continues to grow, making it more important than ever to provide donors with expanded giving options. We’re thrilled to announce the addition of Apple Pay and Google Pay into Bloomerang Online Giving Tools for Bloomerang Payments customers, providing donors with a seamless, convenient, and secure giving experience.

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Import Volunteer Hours

The new, improved process for importing volunteer hours into Bloomerang Volunteer ensures your volunteer information is accurate. Customize field mappings and import any CSV file with ease, and quickly resolve import issues without combing through the file to find the issues.

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Bloomerang + Handbid: The Winning Combination for Nonprofit Auctions

We are excited to partner with Handbid to bring you auction management. With the Handbid integration, auction data automatically flows into your Bloomerang database giving you a more complete picture of every supporter's engagement and contribution to your organization.

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Organize Reports with Folders

Keep reports organized and access essential reports in just seconds using Report Folders. With this new feature, users can sort report folders by preference, organize reports and clean up lists, and save time searching for reports.

Keep Data Secure with New User Permissions

New user permissions in Bloomerang allow administrators to give standard users a restricted view of the database that limits access to giving information and parts of the software. These new permissions ensure that donor data stays safe and secure.

Campaign Consolidation

Our latest fundraising update is a time-saving solution for nonprofits who want to simplify reporting while increasing money raised for in-need causes. Fundraising leaders can now streamline the creation and management of donation pages while empowering donors to designate gifts for the most in-need funds.

Volunteer General Availability

Bloomerang Volunteer is making it easier for volunteers to designate which days they are available through the General Availability feature. General Availability is the default setting for opportunities, and volunteers no longer have to select a specific date to sign up for an opportunity.

Collect e-Signatures

Volunteers can now sign an online waiver with an e-signature, eliminating the need to track and maintain paper documents. Administrators using Bloomerang Volunteer can see if the waiver has been signed, and view the volunteer’s signature and the date it was signed within the volunteer’s profile.

Volunteer Import

Importing volunteer information into Bloomerang Volunteer has been improved for a faster process to ensure that all volunteer information is current and up to date. Customize field mappings and import any CSV file for a smoother transition, and resolve any import issues quickly without combing through the file to find the issues.


Bloomerang Volunteer: Manage and Engage Volunteers

We understand the invaluable role that engaged volunteers and passionate donors play in driving your organization's success. That's why we are introducing Bloomerang Volunteer, a revolutionary way to manage and engage volunteers all while syncing their information with your Bloomerang donor database so you can tap into their giving potential.


Turn Volunteers Into Donors

Our new volunteer profile integration with InitLive brings the power of volunteer and donor management together. Sync your volunteer information with your Bloomerang database and turn highly engaged volunteers into active donors.

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Save Staff Time With Donor Portal

Our Donor Portal enhancements help nonprofits save time and build trust by enabling donors to view and manage their recurring or one-time giving, download their tax summaries, and update their contact information anytime, and from anywhere.

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Updated Navigation

Organizing our navigation around more intuitive categories makes it easier for you to find the features you need. We have also surfaced Forms and Tributes in the navigation so they're available to all users, not just Administrators.

Simplified Event Check-In & Attendance Tracking

Our latest event enhancements to our Fundraising Tools make it a breeze to check-in attendees, quickly follow up post-event, and track which events a donor attends. Attendee information automatically syncs to Bloomerang, saving you time so you can focus on building lasting relationships.

Month-Over-Month Revenue on Dashboard

Understand giving trends with the new Month-Over-Month widget now available in your Bloomerang Dashboard. Get a snapshot of donor giving history for the last three years and assess the fundraising health of your organization.

Import to Groups

Save time managing and creating groups using our new import tool. You can add constituents to an existing Group or create a new Group by importing multiple constituents all at once.

Manage Duplicate Constituents

Now you can manage multiple duplicate constituents all at once. No longer having to merge duplicate constituents individually means you can keep your data clean and save time.


Introducing Bloomerang Groups

Bloomerang Groups allows for easy segmentation and provides actionable insights into your donors. Utilize common dynamic donor groups pre-determined by Bloomerang like New Donors, or create a group that fits your unique needs. Use the data from Groups to set goals, develop a personalized plan for each segment, and execute on next steps.

Email and Username Security Updates

Information security is a top priority at Bloomerang. We've updated username and email address requirements to make your account even more secure. Email addresses cannot be used as usernames and must be unique for users within your database.

If you need to update your username and/or email address, you'll receive a prompt within your database. Otherwise, no action is needed on your end!


Improved Bloomerang Experience on iPad

Your Bloomerang experience on iPad just got better! Now you can visualize more data at once on a wider screen and access donor information while accepting donations on-the-go or at events.

Automated Receipts for One-Time Donations

Now you can enable automatic receipts to be sent for one-time donations. Receipts will be sent once a donation has been processed, boosting compliance and saving you time.


Automated Receipts for Recurring Donations and Pledge Payments

You can now enable automatic receipts to be sent to your donors for recurring donations and pledge payments. Receipts will be sent once a donation has been processed, saving you time and allowing for good donor stewardship.

Improved Constituent Search Results

The most used feature in Bloomerang, the constituent search bar, is now more dynamic! Now you can search by using filters, like constituent phone number and employer, making it easier for you to find the information you need.

Generosity Details for Android and iOS App

The Bloomerang Mobile App has been updated to include Generosity Details. Continue to fundraise efficiently and effectively while on-the-go by viewing a donor’s giving capacity from your mobile device.


Reach New Donors With Text-to-Donate

Extend your reach beyond your current database and active donors. Easily promote your Text-to-Donate campaigns through social media, emails, and in-person events.

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Streamline Tribute Letters With A Personal Touch

Bloomerang now offers an efficient, user-friendly way to process and track tributes and create acknowledgment letters for donors and families. With our email and letter templates, you can quickly generate meaningful acknowledgments that share donation details including the donor and their contact information.

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Save Time With New Mobile Features

Now you can quickly perform common and frequently-used actions, like add a new constituent and timeline entry, right from the dashboard within the app. Easily access recently-searched constituents from the Search tab, and navigate back to their timeline or add an interaction.

Keep Your Database Clean

Now you can focus your time and energy on what matters most, your mission. With our new Mass Delete functionality, you can quickly clean up duplicate constituents, remove old tasks or interactions, and create room to grow within your database.

2022 Updates


Bloomerang Launches Tribute Notifications

Tribute notifications let you effortlessly create and manage thoughtful tribute letters - without ever leaving Bloomerang.

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The Updated Bloomerang Mobile App

Being able to connect with your donors on the go and in person will set your nonprofit up for success. With the Bloomerang Mobile App, now available for both Android and iOS users, you can easily connect with your donors when you’re on the go.

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2021 Updates


Bloomerang Launches New Suite of Fundraising Tools

Nonprofits can now deliver a seamless online fundraising experience for donors to cultivate long-term relationships.

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Introducing Bloomerang Payments

Setup Bloomerang Payments directly from Bloomerang in less than 5 minutes. You can start receiving online and offline credit card and EFT donations immediately after signup (there’s no waiting period). It also works with the Bloomerang iOS mobile app and credit card swiper, so accepting in-person donations at your next event is easier than ever.

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Additional User Permissions

We are now providing numerous a la carte permissions for the standard user, with more coming soon! Bloomerang’s new permissions fall under two categories: view-only and full/no access.

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