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Introducing The New PayPal And Venmo Integration With Bloomerang Payments

PayPal and Venmo integration with Bloomerang Payments
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Welcome to the new era of nonprofit fundraising—where technology meets generosity. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking integration that is set to redefine your fundraising experience: PayPal and Venmo are now part of Bloomerang Payments!

This integration not only broadens your digital payment capabilities, but by offering a wider range of digital wallet options to enhance your fundraising strategy, it also expands contactless giving options, marking another step in adapting to modern donation preferences.

The rise of digital wallets in nonprofit fundraising

The past 24 months have witnessed a significant shift towards digital wallet adoption, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on traditional donation methods. With 43% of the global population now using digital wallets, a number expected to reach 60% by 2026, it’s clear that nonprofits need to adapt to these changing donor preferences. Digital wallets like PayPal and Venmo offer speed, convenience, and trust, factors that are increasingly important to today’s donors.

Embracing change with Bloomerang Payments

Recognizing the escalating demand for PayPal and Venmo among donors, we’ve integrated these digital wallets into Bloomerang Payments. Why these platforms?

Integrating PayPal and Venmo into Bloomerang Payments is more than just adding payment options. It’s about enhancing the donor experience and meeting donors where they are.

For example, PayPal has been shown to help increase donation conversion by an average of 32%1 and repeat donations by 79% (vs. typical checkout).2 52% of U.S. donors prefer PayPal for repeat donations because they trust it3, and 37% of PayPal users donate more when using this method.4

Venmo, with its significant user base, offers a familiar and trusted platform for next-gen donors, who donate 2x more than non-Venmo users.5

Expanding donor demographics with Venmo

While integrating PayPal and Venmo is primarily about helping to diversify digital wallet options for your donors, it also presents an opportunity to engage with Millennial and Gen Z donors. Venmo’s largest user age group is in the 25-34 range, so this addition provides another way for nonprofits to connect with a more digitally-savvy audience. And it aligns with the growing trend of younger individuals preferring mobile and online payment solutions for their transactions—including charitable giving.

Using PayPal and Venmo with Bloomerang

You can enable giving through PayPal and Venmo—as well as with Apple Pay and Google Pay—using Bloomerang Payments. You can include all of these payment options on mobile-friendly donation forms and pages, events, Text to Donate, and crowdfunding tools available through Bloomerang Online Giving Tools. Beyond consolidating donation reports and tracking digital wallet donations like Venmo on a donor’s profile, your nonprofit can boost fundraising this season by giving donors the option to pay processing fees.

Step into the future with Bloomerang Payments

Get ready to transform your fundraising strategy with Bloomerang Payments. By integrating PayPal and Venmo, along with offering contactless giving options, you’re not just keeping up with technology—you’re staying ahead of it. Embrace this opportunity to enhance donor satisfaction, streamline your donation process, and expand your donor base.

Join us on this innovative journey as we continue to support your efforts in raising more funds and adapting to the ever-evolving landscape of nonprofit fundraising. With Bloomerang Payments, you’re equipped to meet the future of giving—today.


1 Nielsen, commissioned by PayPal, April 2022. Nielsen Media Behavioral Panel of US with 590 Non-Profit desktop donation transactions from January 2021 to December 2021. *Checkout conversion measured from the point at which customer starts to pay for donation.

2 Nielsen, commissioned by PayPal, April 2022. Nielsen Media Behavioral Panel of US with 590 Non-Profit desktop donation transactions from January 2021 to December 2021.

3 Nielsen, commissioned by PayPal, April 2022. Nielsen Media Attitudinal Survey of US (January 2022) with 400 recent donations (past 3 months) to Non-Profit organizations, including 200 PayPal donations & 200 non-PayPal donations.‘Typical Checkout’ includes other mobile waller options, credit/debit cards, buy now/pay later, prepaid/gift cards, cryptocurrency, and more.

4 Logica Research, Commissioned by PayPal, March23-April 2, 2021. Logica Research conducted an online survey averaged 10 minutes among a sample of 4,306 PayPal user respondents from four countries (U.S., Canada, Australia, and U.K.) who made a monetary donation to a non-profit PayPal merchant. N=1029.

5 Edison Trends, commissioned by PayPal, April 2020 to March 2021. Edison Trends conducted a behavioral panel of email receipts from 306,939 US consumers and 3.4+ M purchases at a vertical level between Pay with Venmo and Non-Venmo users during a 12-month period.

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    Hi Colleen, here's are our fees for PayPal & Venmo through Bloomerang Payments: 2.2% + $0.49
  • Colleen Balot

    Does it charge you for both Venmo and Bloomerang?
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