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Refer a Nonprofit to Bloomerang

Get a $250 gift for your nonprofit

Refer your nonprofit associate and you’ll get a $250 Amazon gift card or we’ll make a donation to your organization when they become a Bloomerang customer.

* Please note: Referrals must be submitted prior to our team talking to the potential new customer. Referrals for organizations that we are already in conversation with or do not qualify for the referral bonus.

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How do referrals work?

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Send us your referral

When we receive your referral one of our Account Executives will get in touch and let them know you suggested we connect.

Seeing is believing

If your referral is interested in becoming a Bloomerang customer we’ll set up a live, personalized demo.

Get $250 for your nonprofit

Once your referral is a Bloomerang customer for 120 days we'll send you $250 as a cash donation, Amazon Gift Card, or invoice credit.

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