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Powerful fundraising tools to help you reach your goals

Bloomerang acquired Qgiv to create the industry's first modern giving platform that puts relationships at the heart of fundraising. The combined solutions represent one unified platform designed to empower nonprofits to attract new donors, build lasting impact, and increase impact to inspire limitless generosity.

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A unified giving platform

Bloomerang + Qgiv represent a unified giving platform, bringing together the best of fundraising and donor relationship management. Connect with your donor community to raise more donations, time, and support for your world-changing work.

“The integration between Qgiv and Bloomerang is wonderful. It eliminates duplicate tasks, makes our stewardship more seamless, and helps our organization work more efficiently.”

Maggie Mestrich, Director of Business Development Carmel Swim Club


Raise More - Every Year.

Offer a modern, personalized, and intuitive online giving experience to your donors – all while keeping costs low, raising more for your mission, and saving precious time.

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Attract new donors to support your cause

Impactful fundraising tools expand your outreach and leave lasting impressions on donors throughout their giving experience.

“We really leaned on Qgiv heavily with text fundraising and donation forms and doubled down on our digital advertising. It’s been so convenient, and we’ve seen an uptick in our online presence, along with seeing our giving going up. It’s been phenomenal..."

Fresno Mission

Build relationships with donors

Build meaningful relationships

Automatically tap into your supporters’ strengths and passions to build lasting relationships and inspire them to give time, dollars, or talent.

“Since switching to Bloomerang we’ve doubled our annual fund revenue. Our retention rate is up, and our monthly recurring givers have increased ten-fold.”

Ballet Lubbock

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Level up your fundraising results

Unlock future giving potential and improve outcomes by bringing together your data, people, and tools – all in one place.

“Qgiv has become a part of how we set goals and benchmarks, as well as draw up plans for better events. Having it to use has improved the ways we budget our costs and plan for engagement.”

Perry Davis Associates, Inc

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Pricing is based on the amount of records (or contacts) you track in the database. Every plan comes with unlimited users.

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Raise more with digital wallet donations

Raise More With Digital Wallet Donations

Capture more donations by offering donors convenient and efficient ways to give.

Exceed your annual giving goals by offering our latest payment methods: PayPal, Apple Pay, Venmo, and Tap to Pay.

Feel confident you can always say “yes” to a potential gift, increase donation conversion rates, save money by giving donors the option to offset your fees and save time by new donations automatically going into your Bloomerang account.

Raise more with new payment methods on Bloomerang Payments!

Bloomerang + Qgiv: The giving platform that thousands of nonprofits trust


Fundraising technology designed with you in mind

Fundraising Mobile Form

Fundraising forms built for mobile-first donors

Delight your donors and your development team with beautifully designed donation forms that make the giving experience quick and simple.

Recurring donors

Increase recurring donors

Automatically prompt one-time donors to become recurring givers and boost your donor retention rates.


Improve donation conversion rates

Personalizing the giving experience for donors by using integrated AI technology to dynamically generate recommended donation amounts based on a donor’s likelihood to give.

Extensive payment types

Flexible payment options

With support for PayPal, Apple Pay, debit, credit, and ACH, empower donors to support your mission however their heart desires.

Event management

Host in-person & virtual events

Boost in-person and virtual event revenues and first-time donors with powerful event ticketing, management, registration, auction bidding, and fundraising tools.

Attract new donors with peer-to-peer tools

Engage your biggest champions as fundraisers within their network, attracting more donors to join your cause and further your mission.


Organize engaging auctions

Easily create branded pages for virtual, live, and hybrid events and engage virtual and in-person guests with a powerful bidding experience.

Email Marketing

Streamline email and text communication

Personalize and automate your donor communication with integrated communication tools; use our expansive set of templates, donor group, and AI-assisted content generation to create, send, and automate reminders, personalized acknowledgments, appeals, and newsletters in minutes.

Tap to Pay

Raise funds on-the-go

With modern payment methods like Tap to Pay, you’ll collect in-person donations through a mobile app in seconds. Drive donations from any mobile device with text or bill-to-carrier campaigns.

User account

Enable your donors

Empower donors with a personalized portal to manage their donations. Within minutes, donors can increase monthly donations or download tax receipts – no staff time required.

Ab Test donation forms

Optimize your donation forms

Quickly A/B test which fundraising tools and strategies convert more donors so you can supercharge your fundraising effectiveness and exceed annual goals.

Quickly share results

Share results quickly

Customize and automate fundraising and donor reports to automatically surface and share actionable learnings.

Supercharge Fundraising with Tap to Pay

Raise more with Tap To Pay

Give every team member the ability to collect donations in seconds.

Donors can quickly tap their credit card or digital wallet on your phone with the Bloomerang Mobile App and always say “yes” to potential gifts.

Download the Bloomerang Mobile App today and get ready to supercharge your in-person donations with Tap to Pay (coming soon to Android)!

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