How to Create Your Nonprofit Case Statement: Clarify Mission & Values

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In Part 1 of this three-part series about developing your unique, essential “Case for Support.” I introduced the concept of the nonprofit mission, values and vision triad. Together they’re how you are known in the community. They become your brand. “A brand is the essence of one’s own unique story… [...]

[FREE DOWNLOAD] A Beginner’s Guide to Finding The Best Donor Prospects Hidden In Your Database

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Prospect research is difficult. Asking for upgrades, major gifts and bequests is something that every fundraiser wants to do. But identifying the best supporters in your lists for those types of asks can be an even bigger challenge than the ask itself. Oftentimes we look only to the wealthy. But [...]

5 Key Points of Prospect Research to Improve Donor Response

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Aside from helping to identify prospective major donors, boosting your nonprofit’s rate of donor response is the key purpose of donor research. If you’re struggling to secure a prospect’s support, it’s time to double down with your data! You already put careful thought into your communication strategies to keep your [...]

[NEW FEATURE] Projected Revenue Reporting

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Is your organization running a successful monthly giving program? Are your major donors feeling loved and inspired, and therefore fulfilling their long-term commitments to your organization? Also, what can your organization do with its recurring revenue and committed dollars next quarter, next year, or over the next 5 years? Bloomerang’s [...]

The Nonprofit Wrap-Up – June 2018

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We wanted to share with you some nonprofit articles, opinions and resources that caught our eye in the month of June. In Search of #DonorLove: Finding power and changing culture – “How could our community be talking so much about #donorlove and be failing so miserably at implementation? Don’t we [...]