The Secret to Creating a Nonprofit CEO Fundraising Machine

If you are a desperate CDO (chief development officer) or a drowning CEO, I’ll spare you the anxiety of waiting for the answer to the secret, it’s this: Hire a Fundraising Coach There, I said it. This topic has been percolating in me for a long time. I have been swishing it around, trying it on [...]

[INFOGRAPHIC] Nonprofits and Communication Segmenting

It’s no secret that effective donor communications is the secret to higher donor retention rates – but what makes for effective donor communications? Segmenting your emails, newsletters and acknowledgement letters are a great way to customize and individualize your messaging to donors. But are most nonprofits doing this? We recently conducted a survey with our [...]

Donor Retention: It’s Not Just A Problem In The United States

The issue of donor retention is not as prevalent or as well known in other parts of the world. This is especially true in countries where philanthropy is still in its formative stages.

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[VIDEO] An Introduction to Crisis Management for Nonprofits

In today’s digital world, no organization is immune from crisis situations. Nonprofit crises may originate from a variety of causes – from fiscal emergencies and legal woes, to leadership problems and staffing struggles. Though the origins and response strategy vary from crisis to crisis, the importance of effectively managing these situations remains constant, playing a [...]

[VIDEO] Turn Your Nonprofit CEO Into An Expert Fundraiser

Susan Axelrod, CFRE PFR recently joined us for an episode of Bloomerang TV in which she shared ways to help your nonprofit CEO become an expert fundraiser. You can watch the full episode below:

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[GUIDE] How To Make The Most Out Of Your Nonprofit’s Next TV Appearance

As a volunteer communications director for a nonprofit (and the spouse of a full-time one) I know how exciting it is to get an interview request or a response to a press release from a media outlet. Whether it’s the local morning news program or 60 Minutes, going on TV can be an exciting opportunity [...]

[VIDEO] Crisis Communication & PR for Nonprofits

Brian Goldthorpe, President of Privileged Communication recently joined us for an episode of Bloomerang TV. He gave us some valuable insights into crisis communication & PR for nonprofits. You can watch the full conversation here:

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Why Going Digital Might Not Save Your Annual Report

In February 2011, The Chronicle of Philanthropy published a story that tracked the nascent rise of the digital annual report.

The Salvation Army (USA) had found that “about half” its printed annual reports went wasted: found no audience; were literally never opened. So “it decided to scrap the hard-copy version, moving to an all-digital one.”

You […]

How Employee Culture Impacts Philanthropy

So much has been written about impact of culture on results in the business world, however not nearly enough is written about its impact on philanthropy. Ironically, culture has just as big, if not larger, effect on philanthropy as it does for any business.

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What “We Can’t Afford Fundraising Software” Really Costs You

As I talk with hundreds of nonprofit organizations, I often hear “we just can’t afford a fundraising database right now. What we are using now isn’t costing us anything!” Have you ever made that statement… or thought it?

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