Annual Fundraising Appeal FAQ

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I receive a lot of questions about annual fundraising appeal best practices. You’ll find a lot of tips in this free, downloadable “Annual Appeal Checklist.” But today let’s look at some of the thornier questions I receive. Q. What if your mailing list isn't really that great? A. There’s no [...]

The Two Best Methods To Avoid A Downfall In Your Nonprofit’s Annual Fundraising

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One of my favorite volunteer activities in the nonprofit sector is serving on the Fundraising Effectiveness Project’s Growth in Giving Steering Committee.  The face-to-face meetings and conference calls are always insightful and thought provoking. This is especially true when those insights are cutting edge and timely in nature. This week’s [...]

[VIDEO] Building Trust to Skyrocket Fundraising Results

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In this webinar, Tammy Zonker will teach you the fundamental process of building trust and watch your relationships and fundraising results soar. Full Transcript: Steven: All right, Tammy, my watch just struck 1:00. Is it okay if I go ahead and get us started here officially? Tammy: Yes, please do. [...]

[SURVEY] The State of Donor Retention in 2018

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There’s a lot being written about donor retention – why it’s important and how to increase it – and even more data on the averages within the nonprofit sector. We're curious what the real pursuit of donor retention looks like among boots-on-the-ground fundraisers. Your responses to this short, 2-minute survey [...]