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Volunteer Management

Designed to give you visibility into donors and volunteers alike, Bloomerang allows you to unlock the philanthropic capacity of your constituents.

Donor and Volunteer Management in One Powerful Database

With Bloomerang, there’s no reason to keep your donors and volunteers in separate databases!

Keeping track of volunteerism is as easy as entering a gift. Bloomerang is so flexible that you can enter any information about a volunteer you want, allowing you to report on that information in an instant.

We built Bloomerang to give you visibility into donors who also volunteer, donors who haven’t yet volunteered, and volunteers who haven’t yet donated, helping you unlock the philanthropic capacity of your constituents.


Tools To Simplify Volunteer Management

Nonprofit teams love the easy of using Bloomerang to manage their volunteer engagement.

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Giving Summary w/ Engagement Level & Generosity Score™

Volunteerism impacts a constituent’s current engagement level, a metric automatically calculated in Bloomerang, letting you know who your most rabid supporters are (even if they aren’t big donors). The generosity score gives you insight into a volunteer’s financial capacity as a monetary donor.

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Online Forms

Easily create an unlimited amount of customizable forms that can be embedded on any page of your website to allow volunteers to log hours or share information about their volunteer interests, emergency contact, availability or any volunteer related data.

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Email Marketing

Send segmented emails to volunteers and get rich analytics with our built-in email tool. If you’re emailing from Outlook or Gmail, you can BCC Bloomerang to record the correspondence on the volunteer’s profile.

Timeline Highlights

There’s no need to scour data file after data file or cluttered lists for a constituent’s history with your org. Bloomerang’s timeline visually represents all interactions, including volunteerism, while providing highlights of significant trends.

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Smart Reporting

Complicated queries are a thing of the past with our easy-to-use reporting system. Want to know which volunteers are available for a project? Or which ones prefer office tasks vs event opportuniites? Simple reporting is at your finger tips.

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Custom Fields

Custom fields are unlimited in Bloomerang, giving you maximum flexibility in what you track on each volunteer’s profile. You can track interests, availability, skills, t-shirt size – whatever you want!

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Spread joy through a better fundraising experience.

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