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Your nonprofit data, together at last.

Bloomerang integrates with the tools nonprofits love to use, such as QuickBooks and Mailchimp. Divided data comes together in Bloomerang.

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Your software tools can finally talk to each other.

Your accountant uses QuickBooks. Your development team uses Mailchimp. Why don’t these apps talk to each other? Why do you have to spend hours importing and exporting?

Bloomerang’s integrations make it easy to connect the tools you use to run your organization and manage all of your data in one place.


Spend time on what matters–your mission.

Bloomerang saves you time by ensuring your data freely and accurately flows between the apps you depend on and enhancing data quality via automatic donor data updates.

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One platform, endless connections

Bloomerang provides greater data insights by connecting to your existing tools.

“We use almost all of the integrations. We import our Shopify and photographic print orders into Bloomerang through Zapier, segment and communicate by email through Mailchimp, and have GeoTargetly and Fundraise Up implemented on our site.”

Laurie McConnell Pacific Wild

Top fundraising consultants recommend Bloomerang.

Software Integrations

Connect Bloomerang to your favorite apps.



Keep your fundraising revenue and finances in sync.

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Thanking donors is one of the best ways to increase donor retention.

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Synchronize your accounting and donor transactions with Aplos.

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Firespring provides comprehensive website packages, donation processing, and IT help desk services—all fully integrated with your Bloomerang database

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FundraiseUp provides dynamically optimized checkout powered by AI magic for a fast online checkout experience.

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If you already use Mailchimp for your email marketing needs and feel comfortable with it, you can keep it—and still use Bloomerang’s top-rated donor management system.

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Bloomerang users can easily create peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns and personal fundraising pages through Qgiv, while capturing and synchronizing those interactions into Bloomerang.


Bloomerang partners with TrueGivers to offer nightly data stewardship updates. This integration sets you up for some easy donor retention wins.

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Keep using your favorite software by setting up Zapier integrations in your Bloomerang CRM.

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Expand your community and find new donors with the full suite of tools from DonorSearch.

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Spread joy through a better fundraising experience.

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