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Power a high-performance donor relationship strategy with DonorSearch.

Savvy fundraisers know that the key to nonprofit success is finding the right donors to build strong relationships with. But with so many donors to manage and limited resources, it can be impossible to know who your most valuable prospects are, you may be wondering how you can improve your fundraising outcomes.

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Data is the fuel that drives fundraising, and generosity is the heart that powers it.

Data helps fundraisers identify and target the donors who are most likely to give, develop effective fundraising strategies, and build stronger relationships with donors.

Data enrichment powered by DonorSearch gives you the donor intelligence you need to fuel a high-performance fundraising strategy. With the right data in your hands, you’ll have a more comprehensive view of your donors’ generosity. That data is the fuel that can transform your donor relationship strategy and lead to higher revenue.

Predictive giving insights

Just because someone is wealthy doesn’t mean they’re generous.

If you’re looking at “wealth insights” alone, you’re missing the bigger picture. At Bloomerang, we know that generosity is the heart of fundraising. That’s why we partner with DonorSearch to provide tools that help nonprofits to find donors who are ready, willing and able to give generously. With this data in hand, you’ll be able to confidently find promising donors and develop data-informed strategies and programs that increase fundraising revenue.

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DonorSearch Batch Screen Integration

Surface high-impact donors already in your database. Optimize campaigns by enriching every donor profile already in your database with generosity data and reveal those who are most ready, willing and able to give.

DonorSearch ProspectView Research Tool

Prepare for one-to-one conversations by researching the philanthropic interests, donation history and wealth data of donors already in your Bloomerang database.

DonorSearch Prospecting Suite

Expand your donor base by finding people you haven't yet connected with, and who are eager to support causes like yours.

Find generous donors.

Power up your fundraising strategy when you add generosity data to your fundraising toolkit. Data enrichment is a powerful tool that can help you transform your entire donor relationship strategy. By investing in data enrichment, you can gain a deeper understanding of your donors, build stronger relationships with them, and raise more money for your mission.

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