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Identify your donors with Donorsearch + Bloomerang

In order to fundraise successfully, you need to send the right appeal to the right person at the right time. But how do you know who to contact and how much to ask them to donate?

With DonorSearch’s Wealth Screening tools, you’ll be able to search for donors based on their capacity and likelihood to give. Instead of guessing at your fundraising strategy, you’ll go in knowing who to ask and which appeal to make in order to increase your odds of securing a donation.

ProspectView – Research the public wealth information and philanthropic track record of individuals directly from your Bloomerang database through our custom DonorSearch integration.

Batch Screening – Identify untapped and unknown potential for capital campaigns, annual funds, and planned giving that already exists in your Bloomerang database.

Online Suite of Tools – Find new prospects based on previous giving, search the philanthropic history and habits of corporations and foundations, and more.