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Bloomerang Payments

Accept Donations Anywhere with Bloomerang Payments

Amplify your nonprofit’s impact by boosting your fundraising results and peace of mind with Bloomerang’s payment processing solutions.

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Bloomerang Payments

Accept Donations Anywhere with Bloomerang Payments

Amplify your nonprofit’s impact by boosting your fundraising results and peace of mind with Bloomerang’s payment processing solutions.


Best-in-class payment processing

With Bloomerang payment processing, raise more money to support your mission. Provide a better giving experience for your donors, pay lower fees, and get better support —without all of the hassle that comes with using a third-party provider.


Effortlessly grow donations.

With mobile-friendly support for over eight payment types including PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, debit, credit, ACH, in-person donations, and more, your supporters can easily contribute to your cause wherever and whenever inspiration strikes so you can maximize your fundraising without sacrificing valuable time.

Bloomerang & Qgiv fundraising tools

Save your money for where it matters most.

We automatically update expired cards and allow donors to cover all your processing fees so more of your donations go to where they matter most.

A chart is displayed that outlines each payout a nonprofit has received.

Set up your organization for success.

With industry-leading fraud monitoring built exclusively for nonprofits, we work tirelessly to protect you from bad actors. Our integrated data, flexible payout schedules, and consolidated reporting make reconciliation a breeze. Plus, with full ownership of your recurring donation data, you’ll never have to worry about the future because your data is yours to freely move.

An application window is shown for users to set up Bloomerang Payments with Stripe. It only has fields that ask for type of entity, mobile number, and email.

Quick and easy set up

Bloomerang uses tried-and-true payments technology that securely powers billions of digital payments daily. Enable it with just a few clicks in your existing Bloomerang account.

No hidden bills, surprise add-ons, or unclear rates.

Our promise is that you’ll always know exactly what you’re paying for. We keep our fees transparent so you can maximize your ROI and focus on what matters most: changing the world for good.

Check mark Credit / Debit fee:

3.2% (Bloomerang + Merchant)
$0.30 per transaction

Check mark PayPal fee:

3.2% (Bloomerang + Merchant)
$0.49 per transaction

Check mark ACH fee:

1.8% (Bloomerang + Merchant)
$0.30 per transaction

Check mark AMEX fee:

No additional fee

Check mark Use cases:
  • Prior Recurring Gifts
  • Tap to Pay
  • Pledge Payments
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Streamline donation processing with Bloomerang - the all-in-one giving solution for nonprofits.

“With the addition of Bloomerang payment processing, we are able to transform our donation acceptance, while simultaneously eliminating staff time.”

Liz L. Non-Profit CEO


A payment processor built for nonprofits

Stop chasing down outdated cards

Bloomerang automatically updates expired cards so you can feel confident relying on recurring donations without any difficult donor conversations on expired or declined cards.

Pay less on fees

Unexpected expenses and unnecessary fees are frustrating for everyone. Nearly 70% of donors opt-in to cover transaction fees, saving you thousands of dollars annually. We cover unexpected fees like chargeback, return, and fraud monitoring fees so you can focus on your mission with peace of mind.

Collect donations in person

Effortlessly raise funds by collecting recurring or one-time donations while on the go. Donation records automatically link with donors in Bloomerang to streamline automatic receipting, acknowledgments, and reporting.

Direct access to award-winning support

Consolidating your donor management and payment processing needs with Bloomerang means you’ll always have access to our support team so you can rest assured we’ll be with you every step of the way, without any long hold times or frustrating experiences.

Eliminate data entry

Bloomerang seamlessly processes online donations and flows payment data directly into your Bloomerang account, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors.

Feel confident in security

Our industry-leading fraud monitoring tools built exclusively for nonprofits work tirelessly to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions so you can focus on your mission of making the world a better place. Bloomerang is PCI compliant protecting the safety and confidentiality of your and your donors’ data.

Raise more with digital wallet donations

Raise More With Digital Wallet Donations

Capture more donations by offering donors convenient and efficient ways to give.

Exceed your annual giving goals by offering our latest payment methods: PayPal, Apple Pay, Venmo, and Tap to Pay.

Feel confident you can always say “yes” to a potential gift, increase donation conversion rates, save money by giving donors the option to offset your fees and save time by new donations automatically going into your Bloomerang account.

Raise more with new payment methods on Bloomerang!

Mom and daughter looking at computer and smiling.
Customer Story

Mommies In Need

Mommies In Need was looking for a customizable and flexible donor database to meet their needs in their mission to care for kids so families can access healthcare. After selecting Bloomerang, they used Bloomerang payment processing to help generate over $82,000 for a recent fundraiser.

“In March of 2022 we used Bloomerang to process payments for our annual fundraiser. This allowed our guests/sponsors to go directly to our website, register, and make their donations. We generated just over $50K in guest registrations & sponsorships prior to the event.”

Manuel Mesa, Director of Development & Strategic Planning Mommies In Need

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See how Bloomerang payment processing can help you make a bigger impact.

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