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Bloomerang Payments

Process payments with ease.

Dealing with a third-party payment processor is a hassle. Save time and headaches with Bloomerang Payments.

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Best-in-class payment processor

With Bloomerang Payments, you can seamlessly process online donations made by debit card, credit card, and ACH. Get better support, faster deposits, and integrated reporting—without all of the hassle that comes with using a third-party provider. Get started today by enabling Bloomerang Payments with just a few clicks in your existing Bloomerang account.


Simplify online payment processing.

Having one vendor for donor management and payment processing means you'll have better support, faster deposits, and integrated reporting.

Desktop and Mobile User Interface for Giving Tools

Process online donations in Bloomerang.

Save time and speed up online donation reconciliation by seamlessly processing your online donations through Bloomerang. All payment data flows directly into your Bloomerang account.

A chart is displayed that outlines each payout a nonprofit has received.

Flat fees and straightforward transaction pricing

Bloomerang offers a flat fee on all ACH, credit card, and debit card transactions—even if the donation is made with an American Express card or if it’s an international donation. Even better, there are no monthly fees or minimums.

An application window is shown for users to set up Bloomerang Payments with Stripe. It only has fields that ask for type of entity, mobile number, and email.

Quick and easy set up

Bloomerang uses tried-and-true payments technology that securely powers billions of digital payments daily. Enable it with just a few clicks in your existing Bloomerang account.


A payment processor built for nonprofits

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Flexible deposits

Customize the payout schedule to your bank account with daily, weekly, and monthly options.
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Instant setup and approval

Since you don’t have to sign up for a separate gateway or merchant account to use Bloomerang Payments, you can start raising money online in minutes.

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Fully integrated

When a donation is made, the data flows directly into Bloomerang. This makes reconciling donations and access to support easier than ever!

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Real-time payment tracking

Accept one-time and recurring credit card and debit card payments and track them in Bloomerang in real time.

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Option for donors to cover fees

You can give donors the option to cover the transaction fee, which can save you thousands of dollars every year.

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Data security

Bloomerang Payments is PCI compliant and uses best-in-class data security practices to ensure your data and your donor’s data remains secure.

An easy choice compared to other providers

Bloomerang customers can choose between either Bloomerang Payments, Stripe, or Moolah to process payments and refunds. While all three providers charge comparable transaction fees, Bloomerang Payments provides the most value and best support for your organization's unique needs.

Bloomerang Payments

One vendor for accuracy, reconciliation, and support

ACH: 1% + $0.30 per transaction

No monthly processing minimum

2.9% + $0.30 per transaction

Card updater included

Fraud prevention tools included

Card swiper support included


Third-party vendor relationship for accuracy, reconciliation, and support

ACH: 0.8%, capped at $5.00***

No monthly processing minimum

2.9% + $0.30 per transaction**

Card updater included

Fraud prevention tools included

Card swiper support included


Third-party vendor relationship for accuracy, reconciliation, and support

ACH: $0.80 per transaction

Monthly processing minimum: $14.95

2.49% + $0.29 per transaction

No card updater

No fraud prevention tools

No card swiper

What you can do with any of these processors

* Only the per-transaction percentage is included in this total. The flat fee is not included. Additionally, you must pay the balance if you process less than $14.95 in fees in a given month.

**  A special nonprofit rate is available; this requires you to provide Stripe with your EIN and IRS letter.

***  You can connect credit card processing with Bloomerang but will not be able to process ACH transactions within Bloomerang or through Bloomerang forms.

Top fundraising consultants recommend Bloomerang.

Choose donor management software with plenty of integration options.

Get more out of the tools you already use.

Bloomerang integrates with the tools nonprofits love to use, such as QuickBooks and Mailchimp. And whether you’re building a new donor database from the ground up or refining your technology tools, Bloomerang’s open API makes integrations with your favorite software straightforward. Use Zapier, a native integration, or third-party provider to create the system that works for you.

An app feed displays all the recent donations a nonprofit has received.
Mobile App

Take Bloomerang with you wherever you go.

With our mobile app, you can access Bloomerang when you’re away from your computer. Monitor transactions, send thank you notes, and perform donor research—all on your iPhone.

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See how Bloomerang Payments can help you make a bigger impact.

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