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Mommies In Need

Mommies In Need provides care for kids so families can access healthcare. Parents should never have to choose between taking care of their own health and having safe and loving care for their children. What was born out of one Mom’s personal experience and passion has grown into a powerful source of hope in our community. Since its inception in 2014, Mommies In Need has provided tens of thousands of hours of free childcare.


Mommies In Need was looking for a customizable and flexible (not rigid) donor database to meet their needs in their mission to care for kids so families can access healthcare. “Our previous database was absolute and did not have the capabilities we needed for our organization,” said Manuel Mesa, Director of Development & Strategic Planning at Mommies In Need. 


With over 20 years of experience in the nonprofit industry, Manuel was eager to use his expertise to help with the decision-making process when purchasing donor management software for Mommies In Need. “I heard about Bloomerang but I never had the chance to work with Bloomerang. So as the decision-maker I made a choice to move forward with Bloomerang.” Manuel and his team have come to appreciate Bloomerang’s features, like the dashboard, and how its functionality can empower their development team to stay on track and focus on the tasks that will make the greatest impact. Manuel and his team aren’t looking back and, in addition to Bloomerang’s functionality, have come to appreciate having a knowledgeable and helpful customer support team on hand when they need it. “The live chat support is amazing!


Since implementing Bloomerang, Mommies In Need has been able to alleviate several fundraising pain points around collecting and organizing donor data by “importing and exporting information” into the system, and by using the task feature to remind “team members to interact with donors.” In that same vein, Bloomerang has greatly improved the team’s productivity and efficiency around development processes. “We use [Bloomerang] to track all of our donations, pull reports, year-end tax letters (this year it took about 20 minutes, whereas in 2021 it took 4 hours).”

Manuel and the team at Mommies In Need have already seen returns from using the system and Bloomerang Payments with a recent fundraiser. “In March of 2022 we used Bloomerang to process payments for our annual fundraiser. This allowed our guests/sponsors to go directly to our website, register, and make their donations. We generated just over $50K in guest registrations & sponsorships prior to the event.” When all was said and done, their fundraiser was able to generate $82,000 in fundraising revenue. 

All in all, it’s amazing what an intuitive, relationship-focused database can do for the growth of an organization such as Mommies In Need. “Make the switch, Bloomerang is awesome. Use it well.