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We believe that technology should be the least of a fundraiser’s concerns. Learn from our team of fundraising and technology experts. Apply best practices for donor engagement and retention in your Bloomerang database.

Classes are free, and run from 45-60 minutes.

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For resources on how to leverage your Bloomerang database during the coronavirus, click here.

Upcoming Classes

Constituents and Households

Learn how to manage constituents, households, and relationships in Bloomerang. Add and edit constituents, handle duplicates and add custom fields to track additional profile information.

Tues 7/27 – 1:00 pm eastern

Bloomerang Gift Entry and Reporting Foundations

Entering and tracking gifts are a big part of a nonprofit’s day-to-day operations. Learn to enter, and learn the Bloomerang lingo around gift-entry, including different transaction types, raised and revenue, as well as the default and custom fields you can track. We’ll also cover how to report on different gifts.

Thurs 7/29 – 12:00 pm eastern

All About Pledges

If you want to learn how to enter and report on your Pledges, this class is for you! Join Diana Otero as she takes you through creating a new pledge and setting the payment schedule. Then, she will show you how to acknowledge the new Pledge, report on the Pledges, and also how to create Pledge reminder letters.

Tues 8/3 – 1:30 pm eastern

Creating Thank You Letters in Bloomerang

Learn how to create, edit, filter, and process acknowledgment letters in Bloomerang. We’ll also demonstrate how the free nightly National Change of Address (NCOA) processing works.

Thurs 8/5 – 11:00 am eastern

Past Sessions

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Mobile
  • New User Orientation
  • Bloomerang Constituents and Households
  • Adding and Editing Timeline Information
  • Creating Thank You Letters in Bloomerang
  • Creating and Sending Emails
  • Reports and Filters
  • Set Up Your Database for Success
  • Database Management Essentials
  • Practical Tips for Your Fiscal Year-End
  • All About Pledges
  • Become a Bloomerang Task Master
  • Donor Cultivation and Annual Reports
  • Donor Engagement Surveys
  • Get Started with Online Giving
  • Gift Entry Guru
  • The Importance of Retaining First-Time Donors
  • Imports 101
  • Intermediate Acknowledgement Letters
  • Intermediate Reports and Filters Part 1
  • Intermediate Reports and Filters Part 2
  • Optimize Your Online Presence with Bloomerang
  • Solicitation Mailing
  • Bloomerang + DonorSearch Integration
  • Bloomerang for Benevon
  • Bloomerang + Fundraise Up: Hello, My Name Is: Digital Donor
  • Bloomerang + Google Sheets through Zapier
  • Bloomerang + Qgiv: Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
  • Bloomerang + Qgiv: Virtual Events
  • Bloomerang + Zapier: Automating Donations from PayPal to Bloomerang
  • Bloomerang + Zapier: Marketing Automation with Mailchimp
  • Bloomerang + Zapier: Using Scheduled Reports to Automate Task Management
  • Back to Basics: Capital Campaigns
  • Boost Donor Engagement with Automated Reports
  • Clean Up Your Data to Improve Your Fundraising
  • Creating and Managing a Matching Gifts Program
  • Document a Custom Development Plan
  • Donor Cultivation
  • Donor Recognition for Annual Reports
  • Event Tracking in Bloomerang
  • Events That Raise Money
  • Generate Year-End Tax Receipts
  • Giving Tuesday Tips and Tricks
  • Grant Tracking
  • Identifying Major Gifts Prospects
  • Keeping Your Recurring Donors
  • List Segmentation
  • Loving Your Recurring Donors
  • Major Gifts Moves Management
  • Membership Tracking
  • Retaining First-Time Donors
  • Recapture Lapsing Donors
  • Small Steps toward Sustainability
  • Upgrading Your Recurring Donors
  • Volunteer Tracking
  • Year-End Giving
  • iOS Mobile 101
  • Build Stronger Donor Relationships with Bloomerang Mobile

Don’t just take our word for it.

I took the “Creating Letters” session awhile ago, but needed a refresher as we haven’t done thank yous through Bloomerang yet. We’re about to start doing thank yous through Bloomerang, so this was an excellent refresher. Thank you!

bloomerang academy classesJanise Gray, Director of Grant Recipient Services, Equestrian Aid Foundation

Dorothy is a well organized instructor who knows her stuff. Concise, well-sequenced class that presented just the right amount of information…no information overload. Thanks so much!

bloomerang academy beginners classesRoy Mueller, Executive Director and Chief Development Officer, Friends of the Children's Museum at La Habra

Definitely need to retake the “Adding and Editing Timeline Information” class as it was filled with so much great information. Dorothy is a great teacher – thank you!

bloomerang academy beginners classesChristine Hockin-Boyd, Executive Director, Meals on Wheels North Central Texas

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