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Bloomerang's Mobile App: Game changer for fundraisers on the go

Everything you love about Bloomerang's donor management software on your iPhone or Android!

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Get things done while on the go.

Process credit card and cash donations securely and update the donor’s profile in Bloomerang instantly.

Research your supporters ahead of meetings so you can connect on a personal level.

See donations come through in real-time and click through to the donor’s profile to text, email or call to thank them.

Create, assign, and manage tasks on the go, and create follow-ups so you don't forget what the next step is with a donor.

Use voice-to-text to easily capture notes from a call or meeting in a donor’s profile while the conversation is still fresh.

Tag constituents you personally engage with as a favorite for quick and easy access.

Monitor high-level, important metrics such as campaign progress and donor retention rate and take action.


Stay connected to your donors, not your computer, with the Bloomerang mobile app.

Donor insights at your fingertips.

Access the information you need to create personal connections and build authentic relationships from anywhere with the Bloomerang mobile app.

Need to prep for a donor meeting on the fly? Just open the mobile app on your smartphone and access your full database. Look up their interests, relationships, and engagement history so you can connect on a personal level.

Fundraise on the go.

Whether you are hosting an event, exhibiting at a conference or gathering, or meeting in person with a donor, capture donations in the moment when constituents feel inspired and motivated to give.

With the Bloomerang mobile app and Stripe swiper, you can take credit card donations instantly while populating the constituent profile in Bloomerang.

You can take cash donations and immediately attribute them to a new or existing constituent in your database, allowing you to acknowledge the cash gift rather than having a nameless jar of cash at the end of the day. 

Donation processing in real-time means the end of imports, uploads and manual data entry after an event saving you and your team precious time.

Improve donor retention.

Did you know that calling a brand new donor within the first 90 days of them making their gift makes them more likely to make a second gift, make that second gift sooner, and give more money than if you didn’t call them at all? 

That’s why we highlight brand new donors on your mobile dashboard and give you the ability to easily call them right from the app.

We make it easy to connect with existing donors, too.

On the go for the launch of a campaign and want to monitor donations? No problem. Simply open the mobile app and see donations come through in real-time with the Activity Feed. You can click through to the donor’s profile and text, email or call to thank them for their support.

Say you are watching the news and see a story about a current donor that is being honored with an award. Pull out your phone, make a note on their profile and set yourself (or a colleague) a task to send them a congratulatory note.

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Spread joy through a better fundraising experience.

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