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Introducing Bloomerang Tap to Pay

Boost Event Fundraising and Build Lasting Connections with Donors

Introducing Bloomerang Tap to Pay
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Easily Manage Your Donor & Fundraising Needs in Bloomerang!

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Today’s donors rarely carry cash. They’re using their smartphones, smartwatches, and credit cards to tap to pay for everything from clothes to cars, food to furniture. To help you tap into this new era of modern fundraising, we’re excited to share the latest feature release included with the Bloomerang Mobile App: Tap to Pay.

Today’s donor landscape: Cash is no longer king

Overall, charitable giving decreased more than 10% in 2022. Cash usage has plummeted worldwide since 2020, impacting charities and nonprofits traditionally relying on cash donations. With less cash in our wallets, 70% of charities reported a drop in cash donations; cash accounted for just 23% of all donations in 2022.

Over this same period, contactless technology has reshaped how donors engage with nonprofits and donate to charitable causes. In 2022, contactless methods accounted for 42% of all nonprofit donations in the United States—a substantial increase from the 8% recorded in 2018. This staggering growth underscores the pivotal role of contactless payments in philanthropy.

Discover the payment processor built just for nonprofits.

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Tap in to a better in-person event experience

Tap to Pay improves the in-person payment experience by offering your donors a quick, contactless “tap” solution. Donors just tap their RFID-enabled credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay digital wallet onto a mobile device running the Bloomerang Mobile App. No need to purchase or implement specialized card readers or other equipment. Using Tap to Pay also eliminates manual entry, speeding donation processing and saving time for your staff and donors.

Tap to Pay is available through Bloomerang Payments, the payment processor built exclusively for nonprofits. Deliver a better giving experience for your donors, with lower fees, better support, and no need to use a third-party provider. Learn more about getting started with Bloomerang Payments here.

Using Tap to Pay reduces manual data entry errors associated with traditional payment methods like cash or check deposits—improving accuracy and reducing risk by keeping sensitive information secure during transactions.

See for yourself how Tap to Pay delivers a better giving experience for your donors. Download the Bloomerang Mobile App from the App Store or Google Play.

Increase giving at your in-person events

Regardless of age, more than half of all donors attend fundraising events. Tap to Pay is perfect for organizations holding in-person events. What types of events? Tap to Pay can handle it all; you’re limited only by your imagination: galas, auctions, golf tournaments, exhibitions, walks/runs, other types of community events—anywhere you can get people to gather.

Individual donors increase their one-time donations by nearly 1.5x when offered digital wallet options, including contactless payments like Tap to Pay.

Let Tap to Pay help you capture donors’ inclination to donate spontaneously when your mission inspires them. For example:

  • Use Bloomerang Tap to Pay at your next Gala to make it easy for event staff to accept donations via credit card or mobile phone. Tap to Pay will save time by eliminating long lines at your event and streamlining the donation process.
  • Suppose you’re setting up a booth at a Farmers’ Market or other community event. In that case, Bloomerang Tap to Pay makes it easy for donors to make contactless payments using the digital wallets on their smartphones. By offering the payment methods donors prefer, Tap to Pay meets donors where they are, so your organization never has to say “no” to a potential gift.
  • Let’s say you’re hosting a Fun Run, where not only are potential donors unlikely to have cash or checks–they’re unlikely to have wallets and credit cards. Bloomerang Tap to Pay is the perfect solution; donors can easily make contactless payments using their phones.
  • Another simple but effective strategy to try during volunteer events or sessions: after acknowledging your volunteers’ invaluable contributions, make a direct request for donations. Then use Bloomerang Tap to Pay to seamlessly collect contributions around the room.

Instead of hoping donors bring enough cash to in-person events, why not use Tap to Pay to boost your fundraising and win their appreciation?

Give donors the convenience and accessibility they prefer

Millions of Americans are already using contactless technology today. Juniper Research anticipates that number to grow by 221% between 2022 and 2027. 73% of consumers appreciate the convenience of contactless payments—and it’s not just younger donors. Digital wallet usage is rising for donors of all ages, so it’s vital to offer various options to address every donor’s preferences.

Once you’ve received those donations, Tap to Pay helps to support your stewardship efforts by streamlining the data flow from Bloomerang Mobile into the Bloomerang CRM, making it easier than ever to acknowledge and nurture those donors over time.

20% of donors will reconsider their gift if their preferred payment method is unavailable.

The last word

We’re living in a world that’s becoming increasingly digital. Tap to Pay offers your donors a fast, safe, and convenient way to contribute, helping you make that all-important connection with donors so they feel comfortable, secure, and able to donate when inspiration hits. Contactless payments are surging worldwide—and Tap to Pay can help your organization increase revenue and improve donor engagement and retention.

Ready to try out Tap to Pay? Download the Bloomerang Mobile App from the App Store or Google Play and learn more about getting started with Bloomerang Payments today!

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