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Donorsearch + Bloomerang

Make Donor Prospecting Easy

In order to fundraise successfully, you need to send the right appeal to the right person at the right time. But how do you know who to contact and how much to ask them to donate?

With Bloomerang’s DonorSearch integration, you’ll be able to search for donors based on their capacity and likelihood to give. Instead of guessing at your fundraising strategy, you’ll go in knowing who to ask and which appeal to make in order to increase your odds of securing a donation.

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DonorSearch Products

DonorSearch is a data enrichment and research service built exclusively for philanthropic organizations to surface major giving opportunities hidden in their database.

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DonorSearch Batch Screen Integration

Surface high-impact donors already in your database. Optimize campaigns by enriching every donor profile already in your database with generosity data and reveal those who are most ready, willing and able to give.

DonorSearch ProspectView Research Tool

Prepare for one-to-one conversations by researching the philanthropic interests, donation history and wealth data of donors already in your Bloomerang database.

DonorSearch Prospecting Suite

Expand your donor base by finding people you haven't yet connected with, and who are eager to support causes like yours.

How the Indy 500 Foundation Raised Exponentially More Funds in a One-person Shop

When the Indy 500 Foundation combined Bloomerang with DonorSearch Batch Screen they were able to identify high-potential donors for their capital campaign, leading to over 3,500 donors acquired, a boost in annual fund contributions to over $300,000, and $2.5 million raised through the capital campaign. On top of all of these great results, their donor retention rates skyrocketed.

We have acquired over 3,500 donors in two years. By conducting a batch screen on those records, we are able to assign targeted ask amounts based on their individual capacity and likelihood to give, rather than just sending out a blanketed solicitation and no sense of what is appropriate to ask. Additionally, we now know who to prioritize in terms of major gift portfolios versus annual fund portfolios.

Executive Director at Indy 500 Foundation

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