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TrueGivers Integration

Desktop user interface showing the ability to better understand where your donors are moving for your mail appeals.

Keep your donor data clean and up-to-date.

According to the Census Bureau’s 2016 report, 11.2% of Americans moved in a one-year period.

So, if 11 percent of Americans (or more) are moving annually, you could end up with a lot of undeliverable direct mail appeals.

That’s why Bloomerang has partnered with TrueGivers to offer nightly data stewardship updates. With the click of a button, all individual constituents with US addresses will be scanned and updated each night with NCOA information that includes address updates, deceased information (when applicable), and some optional demographic information. This integration sets you up for some easy donor retention wins.

Desktop User interface showing how to change a constituent's address

Data Stewardship While You Sleep

We scan your Bloomerang database nightly to check for new data you entered. This allows us to provide updates almost in real-time. When you add new records or other data, we’ll include that in our daily check to make sure you always have the most current, accurate data available.

We also re-process your entire database once a week to look for new changes in our data sources. This process allows us to deliver the most up-to-date data available in the market.

NCOA Updates

Addresses are automatically updated in the database, and changes are displayed in the address note.

Truegivers stewardship dashboard available as part of the Bloomerang integration.

Deceased Information

As part of the NCOA updates, deceased constituents are marked as Deceased in Bloomerang. Search the constituent in your NCOA Dashboard to see if there is additional information like deceased date and a link to an obituary.

Notification Emails

You can opt into receiving notification emails whenever your database is updated with new data. The notification email contains the count of records and information about what was updated during the nightly synchronization.

Bloomerang is excited to offer such important relationship-building and donor retention tools at no additional cost to our standard customers. We are committed to helping the helpers by saving you time and allowing you to focus on what’s important. Say goodbye to yellow labels and hello to Bloomerang nightly updates today!

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