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Bloomerang + Constant Contact

Bloomerang and Constant Contact Integration

Bloomerang unlocks the fundraising potential of your Constant Contact data.

Raise more with digital wallet donations

Send email with Constant Contact. Get insights in Bloomerang.

When you connect Constant Contact to Bloomerang, you can keep using your favorite email tool plus tap into the giving insights only Bloomerang can deliver. This powerful combination is the key to unlocking the deep supporter understanding that makes the difference between standard outreach and impactful, relationship-driven engagement.

Constant contact and Bloomerang Donor Timeline

Add Constant Contact email data to Bloomerang recipient profiles.

Constant Contact’s interaction data enriches Bloomerang supporter profiles. The direct integration captures email interactions including received, opened, bounced, and unsubscribed data to give you a better picture of their engagement.

Track email statistics with Constant Contact and Bloomerang

Reliable bookkeeping and financial controls.

Gain insights into recipient behavior, including opens, clicks, and other interactions, empowering you to optimize content and delivery strategies for more impactful communication.

Use email interaction + donation history data to create messages that resonate.

Combine recipient email engagement data with their donation history to deliver targeted campaigns that resonate with your audience's preferences and behaviors, powered by Bloomerang intelligence.

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