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Bloomerang Volunteer

The Volunteer Management Lifecycle

A comprehensive approach to volunteer management success, comprising 7 critical stages.

Recruit Volunteers Recruit

Find more volunteers with branded and customizable recruitment pages for your website that make it easy to apply for opportunities

  • Branded sign-up page for each of your programs with detailed information to inform and motivate volunteers
  • Custom registration workflows that include form questions, qualifications, roles, availability, and shift sign-up, reducing volunteer administration time
  • Share pages to your website, promote in social media, and email to potential volunteers and others in your community
  • Easy step-by-step registration process that can be completed from any device

Helpful Resources

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Qualify Volunteers Qualify

Capture skills and interests to ensure volunteers are in the right roles to get the job done.

  • Multiple signup forms with unlimited questions to give you the data you need for qualification – capture skills, qualifications, roles, interests, and availability
  • Collect and store documentation like background checks, waivers and e-signatures in your Bloomerang Volunteer database
  • Share pages to your website, promote in social media, and/or email to potential volunteers and others in your community
  • Automatically match volunteers with opportunities based on their unique skills, qualifications and availability using our Rostermode™ Best Match Engine

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Schedule Volunteers Schedule

Create schedules your way, view them the way you want, and simplify scheduling with self-serve options to save on time.

  • Create public or private opportunities with an unlimited number of schedules and shifts
  • Easily duplicate shifts, schedules, and programs
  • Manage unlimited venues/locations
  • Schedule an unlimited number of roles
  • Send volunteer shift confirmations and notifications

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Engage Volunteers Engage

A menu of pre-designed email automations you can personalize to save time, improve efficiency, and keep volunteers updated and engaged.

  • Send reminders before and after a shift, and thank them for a shift completed
  • Acknowledge a volunteer’s birthday when the date is collected and stored
  • Welcome new volunteers to the organization or to an opportunity, and provide information about what to expect next
  • Re-engage inactive volunteers to get them engaged again
  • Recognize volunteer milestones based on hours worked, tenure or anniversary
  • Create and store your own personalized email communications

Helpful Resources

Volunteer Engagement Strategies
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Report Volunteers Report

Show volunteer impact with easy-to-use, end-to-end reporting – show volunteer activity, contributions, and impact of volunteer time.

  • Get a better measure of contributions based on how often volunteers showed up to work to see a pattern
  • Understand average contribution time over a specific time period to plan for future volunteer opportunities
  • See a visual giving summary for each volunteer to review individual impact at a glance
  • Understand the monetary value of hours worked by your volunteers

Helpful Resources

Bloomerang Volunteer’s Reporting Capabilities
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Steward Volunteers Steward

Recognize and nurture volunteers with personalized and automated emails to build ongoing relationships and keep them coming back.

  • Show appreciation and acknowledge a volunteers birthday
  • Re-engage your inactive volunteers with personalized messages
  • Recognize volunteer milestones based on hours achieved, tenure, and work anniversary
  • Create tags and share emails based on a volunteer’s interest, location, and more

Helpful Resources

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Donors from Volunteers Volunteers to Donors

Sync Bloomerang Volunteer activity to Bloomerang Donor and see who is most engaged for quick fundraising.

  • A two-way sync updates profile data in both the Bloomerang donor management and Bloomerang Volunteer Management solutions
  • No managing two separate databases – data is always synced and up to date in both places
  • A detailed .CSV of all synchronization activity within a specific period of time allows you to easily track changes and understand what has taken place

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Volunteer management lifecycle

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