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Volunteer Re-Engagement Automation

Volunteer Re-Engagement Automation
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Need an easy way to re-engage inactive volunteers?

Our latest email automation update helps you re-engage inactive, or dormant, volunteers, all within the same platform, and:

  • Keep your volunteer levels steady by encouraging volunteers to come back
  • Remind volunteers of available opportunities by promoting them within your communication
  • Maintain clean records by enabling volunteers to withdraw from the organization if they’re no longer interested.

Research suggests that re-engaging existing volunteers can be more efficient and cost-effective than recruiting new ones because you’re able to:

  • Maintain existing relationships: Re-engaging volunteers often means tapping into existing relationships and networks. Volunteers who’ve previously contributed to your organization are already familiar with your mission, values, and operations, making it easier to re-engage them.
  • Leverage familiarity and commitment: Returning volunteers have already demonstrated a commitment to your organization’s cause. They’re more likely to understand the work and require less training or orientation compared to new volunteers.
  • Foster stability: Retaining volunteers can contribute to a more stable and engaged volunteer base over time. By prioritizing volunteer retention, your organization will gain increased productivity, improved morale, and stronger community connections.

Create a new volunteer engagement automation

To get started, you simply enable the automation you want, choose your audience, set the timing, edit the email to fit the needs of your organizations, and you’re ready to go.

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