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Introducing Recurring Shifts for Bloomerang Volunteer

Introducing Recurring Shifts for Bloomerang Volunteer
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Scheduling shifts just got a whole lot easier!

We’re excited to announce the first phase of our new recurring shifts functionality, designed to simplify and streamline the creation process for volunteer managers. Whether you’re a current Bloomerang Volunteer user or looking for efficient volunteer management solutions, read on to discover how this enhancement can transform your scheduling workflow.

Creating individual shifts can be tedious and time-consuming for managers overseeing volunteer programs. Imagine needing to schedule a volunteer shift every Wednesday for a year. That’s 52 clicks and a lot of room for error! Our new recurring shifts feature eliminates this hassle by making it easy for managers to copy shifts over a specified frequency in a single action. You can even streamline your creation workflow by copying an individual shift across a recurring frequency and creating up to 1,000 shifts in a single action!

In this initial phase, managers can set up recurring shifts similar to how you’d create recurring meetings in Google Calendar. They can choose to repeat these shifts daily, weekly, or monthly based on your organization’s specific needs.

Advantages of Using Recurring Shifts

Save time with automation

Your volunteer managers can significantly reduce the time spent on administrative tasks by automating the repetitive aspects of shift creation. This frees up more time to focus on what really matters—engaging with your volunteers and ensuring the success of your programs.

Reduce errors from manual entry

Manual input is prone to errors, leading to scheduling conflicts and disruptions. Our recurring shifts feature minimizes these risks by ensuring accurate and consistent scheduling.

Here’s a glimpse into what you’ll see when setting up recurring shifts
Volunteer Recurring Shifts UI

Phase 2 will be even easier! You’ll be able to change shifts in one easy action.

Stay tuned for updates as we expand this feature, making volunteer management even more seamless and effective.

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