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Bloomerang Volunteer: November Product Enhancements

Contribution & Value of Time

Bloomerang Volunteer: November Product Enhancements
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See how Bloomerang can help you better measure volunteer impact in 2024

As we close out 2023, you probably have some view into the impact your volunteers have made, including how much time volunteers have worked and other basic information to share with others in your organization. To help you streamline your end-of-year reporting, make more intelligent decisions, and support grant submissions, we have some exciting new features that will give you a better view into your volunteer’s impact.

Here’s what you can do:

View interactions

See the number of interactions based on how often volunteers showed up for work—a volunteer who helps over a period of time is more valuable than the volunteer who engages a single time. You’ll see their average contribution time across the organization, by opportunity, or within an opportunity.
Volunteer interactions dashboard

Check volunteer activity

See who’s active or inactive, and trends for each volunteer. Set your own rules, for example, for those who haven’t worked within a specific time frame, and you’ll automatically see a picture of volunteer activity customized to your needs, and Bloomerang will automate! Specifically, you can see:

  • Volunteers who have lapsed.
  • Volunteers you’ve retained and are still active.
  • Volunteers you’ve brought back and who became active.
  • Volunteers who are disengaged and have stayed inactive.

Volunteer Activity dashboard

Money saved from volunteer contributions

See how much money you saved based on the time volunteers contributed to your organization. For reference, The value of volunteer time has risen to $31.80 an hour, a 6.2% increase from 2021 to 2022. You can set the amount to best serve your needs.
Volunteer contribution value

Volunteer contribution overview

See a visual time-giving summary for each volunteer: how frequently a volunteer contributed and what that time was worth, their average contribution time, their first and last contribution dates, and total contributions across the organization, or drill down by each opportunity.

Get a complete overview of volunteer activity such as recruitment trends, engagement trends, and more.
volunteer contribution overview

Best of all, you can use this data to inspire your existing volunteers, along with inspiring and engaging potential volunteers within recruitment campaigns.

Lastly, find out how you can demonstrate the impact of your volunteer program with our checklist featuring eight strategies to help focus your strategic decision-making.

Look for more new features in 2024!

Manage more volunteers in less time.

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