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Text-to-Donate Campaigns Are Easier Than Ever With Upgraded Features

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Easily Manage Your Donor & Fundraising Needs in Bloomerang!

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Are you looking for a way to make donating even easier for your supporters? Text-to-Donate is a powerful Kindful Fundraising Tool that gives you new ways to reach donors, and our latest updates make it easier than ever to set up and manage.

Text to donate in Kindful

Easy to set up and manage.

Some features to make campaign setup and management easier include the flexibility to choose your own phone number directly within the app, so you’ll never need to rely on support. Search and copy form URLs without ever having to leave the setup page, and with unlimited keywords, you can link to any form URL such as registration, events, campaigns, donation plugin, and more.

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Donors can give in just a few seconds.

Giving supporters a frictionless way to respond to your campaign helps ensure they’ll complete their donation. They simply text a keyword to a designated number and instantly they’ll receive a link to your selected donation page. Best of all, donations are recorded in your Kindful or Bloomerang account, so you can easily track transactions.

Reach new donors who aren’t in your database.

Text-to-Donate makes it easy for individuals to make a donation using any connected mobile device. This allows nonprofits to tap into a wider audience, as individuals who aren’t currently in your database can still make a donation. And, by promoting the text-to-donate option through channels such as social media, email, or in-person events, nonprofits can reach even more potential donors who may not have otherwise been aware of their organization.

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