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Empower donors with a personalized portal

Empower donors with a personalized portal
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Create a donor experience that strengthens supporter relationships.

According to the Association of Fundraising Professionals, the average donor retention rate in the U.S. is around 45 percent. As nonprofits work on strengthening donor relationships to improve retention, there has been an increased focus on the donor experience.

While there are many facets to the donor experience, a simple yet impactful way to enhance this is by giving them access to their own personalized portal. That’s why Bloomerang has made some recent enhancements to our Donor Portal, so donors can manage their giving when it’s convenient for them – without extra hassle or expense for you.

Donors can access the portal from your Bloomerang donation, event, or crowdfunding pages. – giving your donors what they want, when they want it. It makes it easy and convenient for your donors to manage their recurring donations, download summaries, support your causes, and more

The portal is directly connected to your Bloomerang donor management, so you and your donors always have the most up-to-date information. If a donor makes an update in the portal, it is communicated back to your donor management system, and online gifts and donation activity entered in Bloomerang is reflected in the portal.
Donor Portal UI

Save time

Empowers donors with a personalized portal to manage their recurring or one-time giving – no staff time required. Donors can:

  • Access their account anytime, and from anywhere
  • Update their contact information and upload a profile image
  • Update the frequency, next payment date, amount, or Fund on their recurring donations

Nurture relationships

Build and maintain donor trust by giving them access to their recent activity, giving history, and tax receipts. Donors can:

  • Keep track of their year-to-date, and all-time giving totals
  • Review their recent activity and donation history
  • Email a PDF of their tax summaries from the last three years

Engage donors and increase revenue

Our Donor Portal makes it easy for donors to support your nonprofit by managing their personal giving, as well as their peer-to-peer fundraisers. Donors can:

  • Make new recurring or one-time donations
  • Easily view and support your nonprofit’s active crowdfunding campaigns
  • Manage their peer-to-peer fundraisers and invite team members to fundraise with them

If you’re ready to nurture lasting relationships and raise more for your mission, let us show you how Bloomerang can help!

Already using Bloomerang? The Donor Portal is available with Kindful Fundraising. Take a minute to learn more by reading this help article.

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  • Kristen Hay

    Hi there - if you have Kindful Fundraising with your Bloomerang database you can log in and see/have access to the Donor Portal.
  • Kristen Hay

    Hi Sarah - The Donor Portal is available with Kindful Fundraising.
  • HIba

    Hi Kristen, can we see a link to the portal?
  • Sarah

    Is the donor portal part of the standard Bloomerang services? Or is this through the Kindful subscription?
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