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Stay Connected with Your Volunteers

Self Signup Automated Email Communications

Stay Connected with Your Volunteers: Self Signup Automated Email Communications
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As a volunteer program manager or administrator, you know it’s critical to keep the lines of communication open with your volunteers every step of the way—before, during, and after an opportunity. Volunteers need to have confidence in their relationship with you, and you need peace of mind that you and your volunteers are on the same page.

To help you stay connected, we’ve added Self Signup Automated Emails—a new automation that sends an email when a volunteer signs up for an opportunity.

When a volunteer signs up, you can send a communication either after the volunteer completes the full registration process, or when they complete a specific step. Design it the way that works best for your organization. This enhancement helps you:

  • Easily communicate relevant messages to volunteers at every step of the signup process.
  • Free up your time by eliminating or reducing one-off communications.
  • Prevent confusion and instill confidence in your volunteers.
  • Keep volunteers engaged with important opportunity information.

This new automation will appear in the automation menu as shown below:
Self Signup Automated Email Communications

Need some ideas on how to use this feature?

Keep the registration process moving: When someone completes the qualification step, send a follow-up email directing them to fill out a background check.

Keep volunteers updated on their schedule: When someone completes the “shift selection” step, send them an email that includes their upcoming schedule as additional confirmation of their commitment to the opportunity.

Acknowledge a successful registration: When someone completes the entire registration process, send a communication letting them know their submission was successful and thank them for their time.

Take advantage of each step to stay connected at every stage of the process!

The Bloomerang Volunteer product team continues to work on creating the best experience for both you and your volunteers. Look for more updates in the upcoming months!

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