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Spotlight on Impact: ShowerUp and Compassion Delivered's Journeys with Bloomerang Volunteer

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At the core of every nonprofit organization is a mission driven by passion and fueled by the hard-working hands of volunteers. Today, we’ll take a look at two inspiring customer organizations, ShowerUp and Compassion Delivered. Their stories not only highlight their profound missions but also showcase how the Bloomerang Volunteer Management solution has amplified their impact.

ShowerUp: Building connection with hot Showers and open hearts

In urban environments where the needs of the homeless are often overshadowed by the daily hustle, ShowerUp steps in to provide not just cleanliness but dignity as well. Led by Paul Schmitz and Taylor Reed, this initiative mobilizes fleets of mobile showers to offer hygiene, hope, and dignity.

Their expansion highlighted the typical growing pains of scaling operations—especially with volunteer coordination across cities and managing a growing donor base.

Bloomerang Volunteer helped to transform ShowerUp’s operations by streamlining the volunteer recruitment and management processes. “The user-friendly signup experience has been revolutionary,” said Schmitz. ”Since we’ve been using Bloomerang, we’ve seen 60% growth in volunteer signups and are saving 2 – 3 hours each day,” added Reed. “Volunteers are happy; they know how to sign up, and they continue to sign up to volunteer.”

This operational efficiency is critical not just for service delivery but for strengthening the foundation of volunteer-driven community support.

Compassion Delivered: Nourishing souls, delivering hope

In Northeast Ohio, Compassion Delivered has become synonymous with love served on a plate by offering a lifeline—free, high-quality meals to those with serious illnesses. Bloomerang Volunteer helped co-founder Amanda Anschutz quantify the financial value of volunteer contributions. “[Before using Bloomerang] we didn’t realize the impact our volunteers were having on our organization from a financial standpoint,” Anschutz stated. “If we had to pay our volunteers, the cost to us as an organization would be astronomical.” This deeper understanding has not only enhanced the organization’s appreciation for its volunteers, but reinforced the idea that volunteer management is more than just a way to staff activities—it’s a critical financial strategy to support nonprofit sustainability and growth.

The power of transformative volunteer management

The experiences of ShowerUp and Compassion Delivered highlight the importance of using the right technology solutions to redefine the volunteer experience, and by extension, magnify the impact of nonprofit missions. Bloomerang Volunteer is more than a tool; it’s a strategic ally, transforming the way these nonprofits attract, engage, and retain their core volunteers.

It’s beyond streamlining processes; it’s about kindling passions and enhancing the human experience within these organizations.

ShowerUp has effectively adjusted to its geographic diversity, providing a user-friendly interface that empowers volunteers to ‘self-serve’ their schedules, enhancing engagement and operational transparency.

Compassion Delivered has strengthened its approach to volunteer management by understanding the significant financial value that volunteers bring. This understanding shapes the way the organization values and supports its volunteers, fostering a community united by a profound sense of purpose and shared commitment.

Organizations like ShowerUp and Compassion Delivered not only survive but thrive by embracing state-of-the-art tools that align closely with the demands of their missions. This strategic alignment between technology and mission is what today’s nonprofit leaders need to not just stay afloat but advance confidently toward a future where every stakeholder contribution is maximized for greater communal good. These insights and tools are redefining the essence of volunteerism—ushering in a new era of efficiency and empathy in the nonprofit sector.

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