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[New Integration] Bloomerang + Handbid

The Winning Combination for Nonprofit Auction Management

Bloomerang + Handbid: The Winning Combination for Nonprofit Auction Management
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If you’re a fundraiser who also manages your nonprofit’s auctions, you know that successful events and deep donor relationships are the cornerstone of your nonprofit’s impact. And our mission is to give you a seamless way to bridge the gap between your auction efforts and Bloomerang.

Thanks to Bloomerang’s meticulous evaluation process, we chose Handbid as our auction management software partner because of their modern, user-friendly interface, robust auction management capabilities, and unparalleled customer service. With the Handbid integration, auction data automatically flows into to your database to paint a more complete picture of every supporter’s engagement and contributions.

The Bloomerang + Handbid integration starts by adding each bidder to your database, and seamlessly syncs contact details to their profile so you can effortlessly thank them after the event. The integration goes a step further by adding interaction data to their timeline, and connects transaction data to to specific Funds, Appeals and Campaigns. This engagement data paves the way for meaningful donor cultivation.

If your nonprofit is gearing up for multiple major events with ambitious revenue goals, Handbid could be your ultimate event companion.

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  • Kristen Hay

    Hi Bryson - we combined the 2 videos into one. You can watch on this post or this page Additionally, if you're interested in learning more about auction management with Handbid, we have a Bloomerang Academy class you can join today: (recording will be posted after).
  • bryson davis

    It would be nice if you either pointed people to the "next video" or at least had further information on just how to get there if they wanted to watch it later.
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