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Tap into the giving potential of your volunteers

Tap into the giving potential of your volunteers.
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Bloomerang’s innovative volunteer profile integration surfaces your most valuable constituents: super supporters.

Earlier this year, we announced our new volunteer management solution powered by InitLive which expands our customers’ ability to unite the two essential components of a thriving organization – volunteers and donors.
Bloomerang super supporter. A volunteer and a donor.

Imagine the impact your organization could have if your volunteers became donors, and your donors became volunteers. By cross-cultivating these groups, you can create super supporters. Super supporters not only maximize fundraising efficiency, but they make up a passionate team who can deliver the services and support your organization and community needs.

Get a comprehensive view of donors and volunteer profiles

Bloomerang’s volunteer profile integration uses a seamless, two-way sync to update donor and volunteer data between the Bloomerang donor and InitLive volunteer solutions for a complete view of your most engaged donors and volunteers that you can cultivate into super supporters.

Bloomerang makes it easy to spot engaged volunteers that you can cultivate into generous donors.

Engagement is an indicator of a volunteer who has high potential to donate. Bloomerang uses data from InitLive to inform the Bloomerang donor Engagement Meter so you can focus on the right volunteers to cultivate into donors. This innovative approach gives you a new way to find and engage new donors and create predictable revenue streams.
Bloomerang Donor Engagement levels

Grow your volunteer team when you turn engaged donors into volunteers.

It’s no secret that many donors who generously give financially are also enthusiastic about being involved in other meaningful ways. You can make a bigger impact by tapping into the diverse talents of your engaged donors. When you invite generous donors to volunteer, you give them a tangible way to connect with your cause. More volunteers means you can get more done within your organization, and your community can reliably receive the services and support they need.

One entry updates both systems, saving you valuable time.

Say goodbye to redundant data entry. With one entry, you can track volunteer hours and activities in InitLive, then see who has high donation potential in Bloomerang. Records are reliably updated, whether the edit was made in the Bloomerang donor or InitLive volunteer solution.
Volunteer and donors

Sync your data on your terms – automatically or manually.

Controlling your data is an important part of your job. Bloomerang gives you the ability to sync your data in ways that you can control. Use manual sync anytime you need instant updates for the freshest data, or automatic sync so you can set it and forget it.

Bloomerang’s new volunteer profile integration is an innovative way to get a complete view of your most engaged donors and volunteers and turn them into super supporters. This new integration makes it easier for development teams to find and engage new donors. And data administrators can simplify their data management workflows and increase data accuracy when using the Bloomerang donor and InitLive volunteer solutions.

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