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Kristen Hay is the Marketing Coordinator at Bloomerang. She serves as Chairperson on the Blog & Social Media Committee for PRSA’s Hoosier chapter.

[VIDEO] Don’t Waste Your Nonprofit’s Annual Report

In this webinar, Mary Cahalane will talk about how to make your annual report show your organization’s great work, demonstrate your effectiveness, thank and credit your donors… and raise money! Full Transcript: Steven:All right, Mary, my watch just struck 1:00. Is it okay if I go ahead and get us [...]

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[VIDEO] 5 Key Metrics for Building a Pipeline of Major Donors

In this webinar, Terry Axelrod outlines Benevon’s metrics-based, high-touch process for building a pipeline of mission-focused major donors who will, in turn, introduce others. Full Transcript Steven: All right, Terry. My watch just struck 1:00 on the dot. Is it okay if I go ahead and get us started officially? [...]

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[VIDEO] 45 Digital Fundraising Examples in 45 Minutes

In this webinar, Rachel Clemens will explore great content, unique thinking and delightful design through emails, websites, online advertising, donation pages, videos—and anything else that increases online donations. Full Transcript: Steven: All right, Rachel. My watch just struck 1:00. Is it okay if I go ahead and kick us off [...]

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