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Kristen Hay is the Marketing Manager at Bloomerang. She also serves as the Director of Communications for PRSA’s Hoosier chapter.

[VIDEO] 8 Expert Tips To Raise $10K+ On Facebook

In this webinar, Sean Kosofsky will show you eight tips that will dramatically increase the number of dollars you raise on Facebook. Full Transcript: Steven: All right, Sean. Is it okay if I go ahead and get this party started officially? Sean: Sure. Let's get this party started. Steven: All [...]

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[VIDEO] Effective Ways to Engage Young Donors

In this webinar, Rachel Clemens and Caroline Fothergill of Mighty Citizen will walk through inspiring real-world examples of how nonprofit organizations are using dynamic campaigns to reach Millennials and to generate mission-fueling revenue. Full Transcript: Steven: All right. Rachel, Caroline, is it okay if I go ahead and get this [...]

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[VIDEO] Best Practices for Nonprofit Photography

In this webinar, Laura Huth-Rhoades will show you the difference great photos make in nonprofit communications and teach you easy, quick, and no-cost techniques for upping your nonprofit’s photo game. Full Transcript: Steven: Okay, Laura, my watch just struck 1:30 here on the East Coast. Is it okay if I [...]

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[VIDEO] Nonprofit Storytelling with Financials

In this webinar, Stephanie Skryzowski will show you the foundation of financial management, why transparency in your financials is important, who should see your financials, how to present the financials, and specific reports and metrics attendees can review and share with stakeholders. Full Transcript: Steven: All, right. Stephanie, my watch [...]

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[PODCAST] Refining Donor Engagement Strategies

Our own Steven Shattuck recently joined our good friend Jeff Jowdy on his Beacon Podcast to discuss creative ways nonprofits can engage with donors. You can listen to the full conversation here. Be sure to check out previous episodes of The Beacon Podcast here >> Full Transcript: Announcer: Welcome to [...]

[VIDEO] How to Survive Nonprofit Founder’s Syndrome

In this webinar, you'll get Rachel Muir’s 12 step program to survive Founder’s Syndrome with individual formulas and special care instructions for founders, board members, and the new incoming Executive Director. Full Transcript: Steven: All right, Rachel, my watch just struck 1:00. Is it okay if I go ahead and [...]

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