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[RESEARCH] What Makes For A Truly Great Fundraising Event?

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Great Fundraising Events: From Experience to Transformation.

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Almost every nonprofit puts on some kind of fundraising event, whether it be a black-tie gala, golf tournament or simple open house.

But what is it that ultimately makes an event successful, and how can events provide new and potentially exciting forms of value for participants?

New research from Adrian Sargeant, Professor of Fundraising and Director of the Hartsook Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy at the University of Plymouth, outlines for the first time what overarching factors may have a part to play in distinguishing genuinely outstanding fundraising events from merely average ones.

The findings come from an international advisory panel drawing on events management expertise from the UK, USA and Canada. This panel helped frame the direction of the study, and suggested numerous case studies of organizations that have doubled or tripled the number of participants they attracted and/or amount of money they raised in a ten-year period or less. Key representatives from participating nonprofit organizations were interviewed to create a detailed picture of their events practice and thinking.

The report examines the major themes that emerged from the researchers analysis using both theory and interviewee ideas. It also includes an analysis of how events should be defined as a form of fundraising.

You can download the research study here >>

This report is indispensable to any nonprofit that puts on fundraising events!

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