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Roundup: Fundraising In The Wake Of A Disaster

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With all of the natural disasters that have been front and center recently, we wanted to share with you some timely articles, opinions and resources about fundraising in the wake of a disaster.

Can you fundraise in the face of disasters like Hurricane Harvey? – “Having worked in nonprofits through many disasters – weather, economic, and even terrorist – I’ve had to help nonprofit leaders figure out how to reconcile their desire to help with their need to fund their own organization. Here I’ll share two.”

Disaster Fundraising – How Your Nonprofit Should Respond – “Disaster fundraising – when and how should your nonprofit respond? And you need to respond carefully. Communications with donors need to be precise and convey the correct tone. And this goes for all nonprofits.”

What to do with Major Donors when Disasters Strike – “Fundraising in the midst of disasters can be confusing, delicate and difficult. But as a major gift fundraiser, your first response should be about your donors. Whether you are directly, indirectly or not at all affected by a disaster, communicating with your donors is absolutely essential.”

4 Tips for Fundraising after 2 Major Hurricanes – “’What do I do?’ This question came a few days ago from a client. We’ve been working for months on a new virtual fundraiser for her global nonprofit, planning to hold the event September 30 (less than 3 weeks away). And in the past few days… a major hurricane– on top of another major hurricane, brutal wildfires out west, an earthquake in Mexico, and thousands left homeless and hurting. It’s a good question.”

Fundraising in the Wake of a Disaster: Top Seven Things to Do – “In the shock and aftermath of a disaster, it is easy to forget the basics. Here are the top seven things to do when fundraising after a disaster, compiled from real examples from Benevon groups after 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina.”

Fundraising After a Disaster – “Fundraising after a disaster is something for which all nonprofits should be prepared. Before you set up any fundraising efforts after a major tragedy, here are some important steps you should take to help you accomplish your goals.”

Download our free eBook, An Introduction to Disaster Fundraising for Nonprofits: Proven Strategies to Raise Funds During Difficult Times, to see examples of past disasters and how nonprofits raised funds to support recovery efforts.

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