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Nonprofit Pledge Card Template

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Multi-year pledges are a great way to get a long-term, potentially high-dollar commitment from donors, while limiting the impact on their personal finances.

Whether you’re hosting a formal event with an ask administered by table captains, or sending out a direct mail appeal, a printed pledge card is essential to securing the commitment.

If you’re creating your first pledge card or just looking to change up your existing card, use this pledge card template as a way to formulate your strategy, verbiage and ask amounts.

You can download the template for free here>>

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  • Linda Clement

    One thing I have done for years with pledge/donor cards is personalizing them. All of the information we have is already on the card. If we don't have a phone number or email there is space for the donor to write them in. I also include a return envelope with their return address on it. My rationale is to only ask the donor to fill in their donation amount and method of payment or invoice date. Each pledge card to tailored to the campaign it applies to so we always know where to apply the gift. It's funny but it's not unusual to get one back a year later. People actually hang onto them! And we have received thank yous for making it so easy to give.
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