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DonorSearch Announces Partnership and Integration With Bloomerang

DonorSearch, a leading prospect research and screening firm, has partnered with Bloomerang, a unique provider of fundraising software focused on donor retention, to bring a new feature to existing nonprofit customers.

Users of Bloomerang donor management software now can have access to DonorSearch’s powerful prospect research data with one click from within Bloomerang. For as little as $15/month, nonprofit organizations that use Bloomerang can research prospective donors and get information from 25+ public and proprietary philanthropic and wealth databases. Bloomerang clients will also have access to DonorSearch’s sophisticated analytics that help accurately predict donors, ask amounts and other key information.

“Bloomerang users will be able to perform in-depth philanthropic and wealth research on any prospect within seconds,” said Jay Love, CEO of Bloomerang. “They can identify their best prospects and formulate ask amounts and approach strategies based on the powerful information they find through DonorSearch.”

DonorSearch will enable Bloomerang users to find information on prospective donors in seconds, and use analytical models to predict future philanthropy. “We’re excited to partner with Bloomerang and make it easy for them to screen and research donors,” noted Bill Tedesco, president of DonorSearch. “Giving Bloomerang users one-click access to DonorSearch will give Bloomerang users another powerful tool to help them find and research more well qualified donors.”

“We’ve always worked to provide easy-to-use, comprehensive tools that give nonprofits what they need and want,” said Love. “Making DonorSearch available within Bloomerang gives our clients a powerful fundraising resource.”

About DonorSearch

DonorSearch, headquartered in Marriottsville, Maryland, is a leading prospect research and screening firm. Founded in 2007, DonorSearch supports nonprofits of all types, including charities, healthcare organizations, fraternities/sororities, religious organizations and educators. Using information from 25 databases and proprietary algorithms, DonorSearch helps nonprofits identify and engage more philanthropic prospects.

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