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What’s Good? Leanne Fan, A Middle School Student, Invents Headphones That Detect Ear Infections

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This is a new series where we highlight good news that exemplifies one or more of Bloomerang’s core values: empathy, innovation, stewardship, unity, equity, and transparency. 

What’s good? Leanne Fan, a middle school student in San Diego, California, invented the coolest headphones we’ve ever heard of.

Value(s): Innovation, Unity

Area impacted: Healthcare | See how we help healthcare organizations move their mission forward.

When you think of headphones, what comes to mind? The Bose wireless ones? Apple’s AirPods? Or, if you remember this far back, the ones you wore when dancing around with your Walkman? 

Well, we’d like to introduce what we think are the coolest headphones ever invented: Leanne Fan’s Finsen Headphones

Fan won the 2022 3M Young Scientist’s Challenge with her project, which provides “a low-cost option to detect and treat a mid-ear infection using machine learning and blue light therapy—potentially preventing up to 60% of hearing loss in children.” 

She entered the challenge because she thought it was “an extraordinary once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will allow [her] to dive deep into the depths of [her] projects.” Fan said she was also excited about meeting the other young innovators (who are equally as impressive). 

There’s more good news to come—and that includes yours.

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