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As a nonprofit professional, you know the importance of fundraising for your organization. It’s how you keep the lights on, maintain impactful programming, and work toward achieving your aspirational mission. 

In the age of COVID-19, it became even more critical that your organization focuses on your online and digital fundraising efforts and presence. Being socially distanced made it even more challenging to connect with supporters and cultivate the gifts you need to keep the doors open, making fundraising software essential for nonprofit success. 

Even beyond this historical time, fundraising software will remain a highly valuable and necessary tool for nonprofit success. The increased use of online tools is one of the many trends that we can expect to stick around for a long time in the future.

What is fundraising software? 

Fundraising software is any solution that helps your nonprofit to raise funds, build relationships with supporters, and otherwise enhance your donation strategy. This means that any solution used to reach new supporters, steward existing donors, collect donations, host fundraising events, and collect information about your audience can be considered “fundraising software.” 

There are several types of fundraising software you should be aware of and consider investing in. We’ve put together this guide to help nonprofit professionals like yourself identify the different software types and determine the solutions that will most help your organization on the road to success.

We’ll cover the fundraising software that is best for: 

Different parts of your nonprofit’s fundraising strategy will require various tools and materials. To learn more about the solutions that make up these different categories, let’s dive in.

Fundraising Software for Donor Management


Overview of Bloomerang

Check out Bloomerang's fundraising software solution.We may be a little biased, but we truly believe Bloomerang’s fundraising software can help all nonprofits to improve their fundraising strategies. Bloomerang designed donor management software to help nonprofits raise more by enhancing relationships with supporters and improving donor retention rates. The donor database tracks all of your supporters’ engagement activities and donation history so that you can make more informed outreach decisions and craft better fundraising asks. 

When you’re able to accurately and effectively track supporters’ engagement data, you’ll be able to gauge who may be in danger of lapsing, who engages with what types of activities, and who might be an excellent major prospect. From this information, you can segment your audience and further engage your supporters according to their interests and abilities. 

Reversing the lapsing process and strengthening your donor retention strategy can lead to thousands of additional fundraising dollars for your nonprofit.

Why We Love This Fundraising Software

Bloomerang offers comprehensive features that allow for both surface-level tracking and a deep dive into various aspects of your nonprofit data. These features include: 

  • An interactive dashboard that shows your donor retention rate front and center. You can also use this dashboard to track your latest fundraising campaigns and see what tasks your staff members should do to drive your mission.
  • Constituent timelines that show the historical engagement for each of your supporters. You can see the latest email they received, the last event they attended, and the amount of their most recent gift to your organization. 
  • Giving summaries that show the donation histories of your organization’s supporters. You can watch their gifts grow over time as your nonprofit develops stronger relationships. 

Bloomerang’s Pricing

You can try Bloomerang for free! Then, when you love the platform, scale up your engagement to include additional features, such as more records and higher annual revenue tracking. 


Overview of CharityEngine

CharityEngine offers all-in-one fundraising software for nonprofits. CharityEngine advertises itself as an “all-in-one” nonprofit solution with various tools built on top of their centralized donor database. This database is designed to track every aspect of the donor journey, from their first donation through your CharityEngine-powered donation page to their attendance at your favorite fundraising event. 

In addition to their built-in and customized data records in their CRM, CharityEngine also offers fundraising tools such as peer-to-peer fundraising pages, online stores, advocacy campaigns, email templates, and more. 

Why We Love This Fundraising Software

Similar to Bloomerang, CharityEngine was designed specifically for nonprofit use. This means that instead of adopting a for-profit system and “making do” with the non-specific features, CharityEngine is designed with your organization’s unique structure in mind. 

This fundraising software solution offers most of the tools that organizations need to function and create a successful fundraising strategy, minimizing any complicated custom integrations or disconnected tools. Unlike Salesforce, the various tools and applications you need are already built into CharityEngine, maximizing accessibility while somewhat limiting customization. If your organization is looking for a complete tech overhaul, CharityEngine is an impressive option to consider! 

CharityEngine Pricing

Contact CharityEngine to learn more about their pricing structure. 


Overview of SalsaLabs

SalsaLabs offers both CRM software and marketing tools as a part of their fundraising software.SalsaLabs offers nonprofit fundraising software that helps organizations manage relationships, reach their supporters, launch advocacy campaigns, and raise funds. The Salsa CRM + Salsa Engage package ensures every fundraising solution in your system seamlessly integrates. 

Salsa CRM offers features such as rich and configurable donor profiles, custom reports, and insightful dashboards to keep an eye on your latest fundraising campaigns and track goals. Meanwhile, SalsaEngage offers the marketing software and fundraising pages that you’ll need to collect data and raise funds. 

Why We Love This Fundraising Software

SalsaLabs uses what they dub SmartEngagement technology to power their fundraising software. Their software tools all work together to create a unified approach for data collection and reporting. These features allow for additional data automation to save your team time and provide individualized customer support.

Their digital approach makes it easy to reach out on multiple online platforms to reach supporters and encourage them to get more involved with your mission. 

SalsaLabs Pricing

Contact Salsa’s support team to learn more about their pricing structure. 


Overview of NeonCRM

NeonCRM offers fundraising software for nonprofits of all sizes. NeonCRM is a cloud-based nonprofit CRM solution designed to help nonprofits and associations reach their fundraising goals by developing deep relationships with their supporters. 

With this CRM software, you can set up activities and reminders to complete different donor relationship-building activities so that your team is always on top of the latest fundraising task in the system. Then, you can track each of these activities and any communication that occurs in the donors’ specific profile. 

Why We Love This Fundraising Software

NeonCRM emphasizes recurring donations, a useful feature to stabilize the fundraising process and encourage additional contributions regularly from your supporters. 

Also, this fundraising software solution is also built for the association world. Therefore, associations can use this solution to both raise donations and improve their membership rate. 

NeonCRM Pricing

NeonCRM’s scalable pricing structure starts at $49 per month and increases based on the features and records you need. 


Overview of Salesforce

Salesforce's fundraising software is also known as the world's leading CRM. Salesforce is a powerful and completely customizable CRM that all organizations can use.s. Nonprofits and for-profits alike find success on the platform when it is fully built out to meet the organization’s needs. 

Nonprofits that use Salesforce first turn the CRM into a fundraising donor database by downloading the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP). The NPSP configures the original data fields to be fundraising-related. Then, Your team can build out the solution with various apps and integrations to create a complete fundraising system. 

Why We Love This Fundraising Software

Because Salesforce is so customizable, it’s a perfect solution for large nonprofit organizations that have the time and resources to build out the entire system to meet their exact needs. Unfortunately, it often takes a lot of energy and money upfront to build out Salesforce to work perfectly for your organization, requiring a consultant or tech expert to complete. 

However, once you build your software out, your organization can rest assured that your specific needs will all be accounted for in your software system. After all, you designed it that way! 

Salesforce Pricing

Salesforce offers up to 10 free licenses for nonprofits and allows you to test drive their solution before investing. After that, their software pricing is scaled based on the features you can receive and the number of users you require. 

Fundraising Software for Online Giving


Overview of Qgiv

Qgiv's fundraising software helps nonprofits collect donations from supporters.Qgiv’s fundraising software solution is designed to help nonprofits collect online donations easily from their dedicated supporters. With Qgiv, you can launch online campaigns with standard donation forms, peer-to-peer fundraising pages, text-to-give numbers, and auctions. 

All of these resources are designed specifically for nonprofit professionals to use without extensive guidance. You won’t need to worry about a complicated or tech-heavy setup process. The best part? Qgiv integrates with Bloomerang! You can easily connect these two resources to collect, store, and use your fundraising data efficiently and effectively. 

Why We Love This Fundraising Software 

If your nonprofit uses a donation form that leads supporters to a separate off-site page or limits your ability to brand to your organization, you may be causing donors to abandon the page. 

Qgiv solves this problem by creating completely customizable forms. Add your organization’s brand colors, logo, fonts, and more to make sure your donation pages match your website’s overall feel. This establishes recognition and trust among your supporters by creating a seamlessly aesthetic experience. 

Qgiv’s Pricing

Qgiv’s pricing starts at no cost. All you pay for is the 3.95% + $0.30 transaction fee per donation. As you scale up your services, you gain access to more and more of Qgiv’s extensive features. They offer quarterly and monthly payment options for your nonprofit to choose from. 

Fundraise Up

Overview of Fundraise Up

Fundraise Up offers the best fundraising software for donor conversions.Fundraise Up developed a fundraising tool that’s specifically designed to help nonprofits avoid losing their donors during the checkout process. With this tool, nonprofits can create easy-to-use forms to quickly and easily convert interested supporters into dedicated donors. 

The UI fundraising components help donors engage with your donation page and with your website as a whole. Features include:

  • Buttons,
  • Jump-start forms
  • Donate cards 
  • And more to help convert donors!

Plus, the speed of their tools helps prevent donation abandonment. According to the Fundraise Up site, the industry average fundraising tools convert donors at a rate of 18%, while Fundraise Up tools convert donors at an average of 37%. 

Why We Love This Fundraising Software 

Not only does Fundraise Up help nonprofits collect more donations, but it also includes gamification features that motivate donors to give even more. The perfect example of this is the virtual fundraising thermometer. 

Fundraising thermometers show donors the immediate impact they have on your fundraising goals, encouraging them to follow through with the gift and possibly consider donating a more considerable amount. Incorporating this gamification feature directly on your fundraising page ensures that people immediately see their impact and are satisfied with the results.

Fundraise Up’s Pricing

Fundraise Up has a flat platform fee of 2% as well as a payment processing fee. However, they include an option where your donors can choose to cover the payment processing fee if they feel so inclined. Fundraise Up also offers free integrations with popular platforms such as Bloomerang


Overview of GiveButter

GiveButter provides the best fundraising software for recurring gifts.GiveButter is a fundraising software platform that helps nonprofits collect donations online through online donation pages, event registration forms, and social fundraising campaigns. You can customize your GiveButter forms and embed them directly onto your website. 

The forms you design through GiveButter include a recurring gift option so that your supporters can choose to either give one time or regularly (monthly, weekly, etc.) for the foreseeable future. These regular gifts make it easy for your supporters to give periodically without filling out their information every time. Plus, it provides a sustainable revenue stream for your nonprofit. 

Why We Love This Fundraising Software

GiveButter provides an excellent opportunity for supporters to sign up for recurring gifts and provides multiple giving options. In addition to the classic gift acceptance methods like credit cards, GiveButter allows your organization to accept donations through Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, and Venmo. 

You can use the dashboards on GiveButter’s platform to watch your donations grow over time as you’ve added more giving options. Or, you can integrate GiveButter forms with some of your favorite CRM solutions like Bloomerang and Salesforce to track donation histories and fundraising campaign progress. 

GiveButter’s Pricing

GiveButter’s basic plan is free for nonprofits to get started. They have a percentage fee of 1% for donations, 2% for social fundraising, and 3% for events plus the 2.9% + $0.30 processing fee. GiveButter also offers their Pro plan for just $99 per month. 

Snowball Fundraising

Overview of Snowball Fundraising

Snowball Fundraising offers the best fundraising software for small nonprofits.Snowball Fundraising is an inexpensive fundraising solution that nonprofits can use to collect donations using their websites or text message software. Their donation pages allow your organization to incorporate suggested giving amounts and recurring giving options onto the form. 

Snowball’s other major fundraising opportunity lies within their text-to-give platform. Your nonprofit can set up a text-to-give number with the Snowball team. Then, supporters simply text their donation amount to that number. Donors receive a link to fill out their payment information, and then with just a few taps, the donation is submitted!

Why We Love This Fundraising Software 

Snowball Fundraising is a beneficial tool to raise money for your organization’s annual fund. However, it’s also a great tool to raise funds during specific event fundraisers. They offer event ticketing that your nonprofit can use to collect guest registrations. Then, you can use Snowball’s text-to-give platform to raise additional funds during the event itself! 

Track all of your donations in real-time using the Snowball dashboard so that you have constant access to all of your organization’s relevant fundraising data.

Snowball’s Pricing

Snowball’s platform is incredibly inexpensive, making it perfect for smaller organizations looking for a lightweight solution to fit their immediate needs. Their smallest package is free with just a 2.9% + $0.30 payment processing fee per donation. 


Overview of GoFundMe 

GoFundMe offers the best fundraising software for crowdfunding campaigns.GoFundMe is a crowdfunding platform for organizations and individuals alike. Anyone who is looking to raise funds for essentially anything can start a crowdfunding campaign with GoFundMe. It’s a well-known, trusted platform, so your organization can rest assured that your donation funds are safe. 

Not only is it incredibly secure, but GoFundMe also offers donation software that charities can use to keep all of their fundraising data on a single platform. They offer donation pages that you can customize with your organization’s logo and colors so that it matches the rest of your website. 

Why We Love This Fundraising Software 

GoFundMe has both an online interface and a mobile app that your organization can use to track your fundraising progress. This means that every aspect of your fundraising process through GoFundMe is mobile-responsive! 

They offer mobile-responsive crowdfunding pages, donation forms, and fundraising dashboards. GoFundMe’s crowdfunding platform taps into the idea that a lot of small donations will add up to become a major fundraising campaign

GoFundMe’s Pricing

GoFundMe has a platform fee of 0% and a payment processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30. This means your organization can keep the vast majority of the funds donated to your campaign! 

Double the Donation

Overview of Double the Donation

Double the Donation provides the best fundraising software for matching gifts.Double the Donation is a software solution designed to help boost your nonprofit’s fundraising revenue by tapping into your potential matching gift revenue. Matching gifts are donations made by companies to nonprofits in support of their employees’ contributions. For example, Home Depot offers a 1:1 match for their employees’ gifts over $25 to eligible nonprofits.

The problem is that many donors don’t realize that they’re eligible for these matched donations and, therefore, never submit the proper form for the match. Double the Donation provides a search bar that your organizations can embed directly onto your donation page so that supporters can search their employers to see if their gift is match-eligible. 

Why We Love This Fundraising Software 

Double the Donation’s search tool auto-completes companies’ names as you start typing. This means that even if donors make spelling errors, forget to add the inc. at the end of a company name, or make other common mistakes, they’ll still find the correct information. 

Statistics show that $4-$7 billion is left on the table every year in lost matching gift revenue. Plus, 84% of donors say they’re more likely to give if they know their employer will match their gift. In other words, merely educating your donors about their eligibility will boost your nonprofit’s fundraising revenue. 

Double the Donation’s Pricing

Double the Donation’s search tool is available for just $499 annually. If you’re interested in completely automating the matching gift process, you might choose to contact Double the Donation’s team for a quote on their other, larger product, 360MatchPro.

Fundraising Software for Auctions


Overview of Handbid

Handbid provides the best fundraising software for bidding apps.Handbid offers an easy-to-use and comprehensive mobile bidding app for your nonprofit’s next auction. Auctions are a great fundraising opportunity for nonprofits and an engaging way for your supporters to get involved with your cause. Handbid makes that experience even better by making mobile bidding easy on both Apple and Google OS devices. 

When you use Handbid for your next auction, you can drive fundraising further with outbid push notifications, easy-to-find maximum bid amounts, and buy-it-now options. Plus, your supporters can search for the items that interest them the most or use a QR code to find exactly what they’re looking for. 

Why We Love This Fundraising Software 

Handbid makes auctions easy throughout the checkout process. Your supporters don’t need to wait in a long line to check out after they’ve won their auction prize. Instead, they can simply pay on their mobile device, either through their credit card on file or Apple Pay. 

If your supporters don’t want to download another app to their phones, that’s okay. They can still use Handbid’s web-based platform to browse and bid on your nonprofit’s auction items. The simplicity of the bidding and payment process for your auction won’t be disrupted. 

Handbid’s Pricing

Handbid offers various pricing packages that your nonprofit can choose from and customize based on your fundraising needs. These packages start at $695 per year. If you know that you’ll be using the platform for multiple years, you can choose their multi-year deal, which drops the price to $595 annually. 


Overview of OneCause

OneCause offers the best fundraising software for silent auctions.OneCause offers all of the tools that your nonprofit needs to ensure a successful silent auction. From their mobile bidding tools to their event planning solution, your organization will be ready for anything your silent auction fundraising event can throw at you. 

OneCause provides a comprehensive mobile bidding solution so that your nonprofit’s supporters can engage and mingle during your event without worrying about being outbid or constantly leaving to check their bidding sheet. Instead, they simply receive an “outbid” notification on their phones. They can participate in a bidding war without ever leaving their table! 

Why We Love This Fundraising Software 

OneCause offers all of the tools that your nonprofit needs during a silent auction. However, it also provides the tools that help your organization during the planning process of your event. Draft solicitation letters and track the item procurement process directly on OneCause’s platform. You can also sell tickets and encourage supporters to register for your event on the OneCause platform. 

After the silent auction ends, your supporters can check out quickly and easily from their mobile devices. There’s no waiting in lines to check out and pick up the auction prize. Instead, mobile check-out is quick and easy. Then, your nonprofit can send the prize to the winner. 

OneCause’s Pricing

Contact OneCause for more information about their pricing and different packages that your organization can purchase from them. 

Fundraising Software for Marketing


Overview of Mailchimp

Mailchimp is the best fundraising software for email automation.Different nonprofit supporters are engaged by different fundraising appeals. It’s your job as an organization to decide your ideal audience, then draft messages to resonate with that audience and motivate them to give. Within Mailchimp’s platform, you can draft and distribute these messages accordingly. 

Mailchimp’s vast marketing and promotion tools are a crowd favorite among nonprofit organizations. Many nonprofit professionals enlist Mailchimp’s platform to help spread the word about their various fundraising campaigns. Within the platform, you can draft well-designed emails that are mobile responsive, attractive, and attention-grabbing. 

Why We Love This Fundraising Software 

Mailchimp integrates with top CRM platforms, like Bloomerang, and can use the data segments in your database to distribute your emails to the most appropriate and influential audience. You can even automate your email messages to get more from your marketing.

Set a trigger action that initiates the beginning of an email stream for your supporters. For example, you might set up emails to trigger when a new supporter subscribes to your newsletter. Then, you can set an end-trigger for when you want to stop sending these emails, such as when the supporter completes a donation. 

Mailchimp’s Pricing

Mailchimp’s pricing starts at no up-front cost to you. As you use their platform more, you may choose to scale up to their Essentials, Standard, or Premium plans. 


Overview of Gratavid

Gratavid offers the best fundraising software for video stewardship.Gratavid offers a fundraising software solution that helps nonprofits thank, engage, and effectively communicate with their donors using video. Your nonprofit can create, upload, and distribute your thank-you videos via text or email. 

You can also use this software to request a video from any of your constituents. For instance, as a fundraising coordinator, you may decide to request a thank-you video from team captains after a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign so that they can show their gratitude for donors who contributed to their campaign pages. 

Why We Love This Fundraising Software 

While collecting donations from your supporters is incredibly important for an effective fundraising strategy, it’s also essential that your organization stewards the relationships you have built with your supporters. 

A Gratavid video is a perfect way to give the following videos:

  • Personal shoutouts
  • Birthday wishes
  • Outreach messages

An effective stewardship campaign is a great way to increase your donor retention rates. And, as you know, growing your donor retention rate is the most effective way to boost your fundraising revenue! 

Gratavid’s Pricing

Gratavid offers three different pricing packages for organizations to choose from. The first starts pricing at $50 per month, the second at $100 per month, and the final package is a custom quote for large organizations.


Overview of Causevid

Causevid provides the best fundraising software for video storytelling.Causevid is a video platform that allows nonprofits to connect with their supporters through personal messages about the organization itself. You can use this platform to build relationships with your supporters through engaging communications. 

You can use Causevid to reach out and thank your donors, to tell your story and acquire new supporters, or to collect stories and testimonials from your constituents. It creates a more personal and connected experience for your supporters when they can see and hear you in video format. For a more immersive donation experience, use the platform to add a video on your donation page that explains the impact that giving to your organization has on the community at large. 

Why We Love This Fundraising Software 

Causevid is more than simply recording and sending videos. It’s a comprehensive platform that allows you to track your video campaigns, keeping up-to-date with data like your open and view rates, email open rates, and click and video view rates. 

Use this data to see how your supporters are engaging with your video content. Are you using the videos effectively to grow and strengthen your audience? Concrete data will help you determine this and adjust your strategy accordingly. 

Causevid’s Pricing

If you want access to Causevid’s platform for a full year, you can get their annual plan for $179 per month. Comparatively, a six-month plan is $239 per month, and a three-month plan is $299 per month. All price packages give your organization complete access to all features on the platform. 

Fundraising Software for Major Gifts


Overview of DonorSearch

DonorSearch provides fundraising software to help nonprofits with prospect research.DonorSearch provides a vast online database that allows your organization to collect valuable information about your donors. Prospect research takes a deep dive into the wealth and philanthropic indicators that identify major and mid-level prospects for your organization. 

Some of the information you may collect during prospect research includes other philanthropic causes the donor has contributed to, donation amounts to other organizations, philanthropic giving, real estate holdings, and more. This data can inform your fundraising team about fundraising asks or potential leads, helping start a conversation with your donors.

Why We Love This Fundraising Software 

DonorSearch works hand-in-hand with Bloomerang’s software to generate a generosity score for each supporter in the donor database. This score uses DonorSearch’s software to measure donors’ potential giving scores and then labels them as “cold,” “cool,” “warm,” “hot,” or “on fire!”

In conjunction with Bloomerang’s donor engagement score, your organization can easily and quickly tell which of your supporters will respond positively to a major, mid-level, or even smaller gift request. Knowing this can help you recapture lapsing donors and improve donor retention. 

DonorSearch’s Pricing

Contact DonorSearch to learn more about their pricing system. If you’ve invested in Bloomerang’s CRM, you can connect to philanthropic capacity data from the dashboard even if you don’t have a subscription to DonorSearch. 

Pursuant Insights

Overview of Pursuant

Pursuant provides the best fundraising software for data analysis.Pursuant helps nonprofits learn more valuable information about what drives their donors to give to create a more effective fundraising strategy. Pursuant consists of a team of data analysts. They’re here to help your organization organize and interpret data about your donors so that you can reach them more effectively. 

Pursuant offers segmentation insights that help you discover your donors’ unique passions and the needs that drive them to engage with your organization. Armed with this information, you can make more compelling fundraising asks to individual supporters. 

Why We Love This Fundraising Software 

Pursuant helps your nonprofit make more informed decisions for your existing donors, but it can also help you make the best acquisition decisions as well. Their data allows your nonprofit to discover the markets where your mission will be most compelling. 

Between effective market research and useful data analysis, you can feel confident reaching out to new audiences for donations. Be sure to start a strong relationship with these audiences, then continue to engage with them using the data insights you’ve collected. 

Pursuant’s Pricing

Contact Pursuant to learn more about their pricing. 

Boodle AI

Overview of Boodle AI

Boodle AI is the best fundraising software for predictive analytics.Boodle AI helps your nonprofit collect and analyze data about your donor prospects. Here’s how the process works: You upload a list of candidates for Boodle AI to analyze, you receive a list of prospect insights for analysis, you use those insights to drive predictive analytics. 

These predictive analytics are called Guidons. These insights may help you predict giving capacity, giving propensity, and likelihood for engagement. These insights can help you anticipate and formulate an effective fundraising strategy that will work for your nonprofit

Why We Love This Fundraising Software 

In addition to the built-in Guidons offered by Boodle AI, your nonprofit can set custom Guidons for the particular fundraising initiatives that interest you the most. For example, you might choose to predict metrics like your donor retention, recurring gift revenue, donors most likely to lapse, and potential major gift donors. 

These custom insights can help your nonprofit take preemptive action to prevent donors from lapsing. It can also help you strengthen fundraising aspects that are most intriguing or offer the most significant room for fundraising advancement for your organization. 

Boodle AI’s Pricing

Boodle AI’s pricing plans start at $4,950 annually. 

Fundraising Software for Events


Overview of Eventbrite

Eventbrite provides the best fundraising software for event management.Eventbrite is an event management software solution that nonprofits can use to sell tickets to events and track attendees before the event festivities begin. You can download the Eventbrite app to keep track of all of your event activities on the go. 

Eventbrite event pages are pre-configured so that they’re quick and easy for event planners to set up and get started selling. You can design your event’s page on a beautiful platform and have it ready to present to your supporters in just minutes. 

Why We Love This Fundraising Software 

If you’re not charging for entry to your event, selling tickets through Eventbrite is free for your nonprofit. Your organization can get started quickly on a trustworthy platform without worrying about purchasing the necessary software to design your event pages.

Not only this, but Eventbrite also offers additional marketing opportunities for your organization! When you create your event using their platform, you can post the event page on their website to find and sign up new supporters.

Eventbrite’s Pricing

Eventbrite’s ticketing packages each use the ticket sales as a price-calculating tool. In the Essentials package, each ticket has an associated fee of 2% + $0.79. In the Professional package, each ticket has an associated fee of 3.5% + $1.59. 


Overview of Regpack

Regpack offers fundraising software to power fundraising event campaigns.Regpack is an event registration and payment solution that makes it easy to set attendance goals for your nonprofit’s fundraising events and then reach those goals using their intuitive tool. 

You can allow individuals or groups to register for your event and make it easy to register with easy-to-use registration forms. After the event, you can track and pull reports on the most critical metrics you collected, including registrants, check-in rates, and revenue insights. 

Why We Love This Fundraising Software

Regpack’s online registration software is customizable for your organization and based on the responses your registrants provide. They use a system of conditional logic to give a personalized form to registrants. 

For example, if you ask about dietary restrictions and someone hits “yes,” then the following question might provide options of the typical restrictions (vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, no peanuts, etc.). Meanwhile, if someone else hits “no” to the initial question, the form will move them forward to the next question. 

Regpack’s Pricing

Pricing plans for Regpack start at $125 per month with a 2.1% payment processing fee. 


Overview of Pathable

Pathable offers fundraising software to help nonprofits with their events. Pathable offers a fundraising software solution that addresses the needs of both in-person and virtual events. This platform provides registration forms and ticketing options and features that will help with the organization of the event activities. 

Some of these features include meeting scheduling for exhibitors and sponsors, an interactive dashboard to keep your team organized, and real-time updates on the metrics most important for your organization. 

Why We Love This Fundraising Software

Pathable makes it easy for attendees to make the most out of their experience at your event by offering their mobile app that you can use for various event activities. For instance, attendees might decide to schedule meetings or create a personalized agenda directly through their app. 

Plus, this app allows your organization to quickly and easily get in touch with your attendees through direct messaging and push notifications. 

Pathable’s Pricing

Pathable’s pricing starts at $15,000 for small events.


Overview of Bonfire

Bonfire offers fundraising software that helps nonprofits sell custom merchandise online.Bonfire is not exactly an event management platform like the other solutions in this category. Still, their fundraising software fits in perfectly with events and allows organizations to raise additional funds. Bonfire provides customized t-shirts and a platform to sell them on for nonprofits. 

Using their design tool (or by reaching out to Bonfire design experts), you can customize your very own event t-shirt with your organizations’ brand and logo. Then, sell those t-shirts directly to your event attendees through your online store powered by Bonfire. 

Why We Love This Fundraising Software

While Bonfire’s main product is t-shirts, they also offer other merchandise to brand and customize for your next event. You can sell face masks, mugs, hats, and even doggie tees, all branded with your organization’s logo, colors, and information pertinent to your event. 

You have the option to sell all of this merchandise entirely online, or you can bulk order your items to sell in-person. If you’re hosting (or planning to host) hybrid or in-person events, bulk ordering some merchandise will be handy to have at the event venue to sell during event activities. 

Bonfire’s Pricing

Bonfire’s design tool is completely free to use! A small percentage is taken out of the sales that you complete online, meaning you also only pay for what you sell. Plus, this percentage is decreased from 8% to 3.5% for certified nonprofit organizations. 

Fundraising Software for Other Activities


Overview of TrueGivers 

TrueGivers offers the best fundraising software for database screening.TrueGivers is a software solution that helps keep your organization’s donor database clean so that you can reach out to supporters confidently, knowing that you have the most up-to-date contact information available. 

TrueGivers scans and updates your donor database with NCOA information. This interface provides you with additional access to information such as address updates, demographic data, and deceased information. 

Why We Love This Fundraising Software 

While TrueGivers isn’t directly fundraising software in that it doesn’t collect donations, it does help nonprofits create and better organize their fundraising strategies. 

Because around 11% of individuals change addresses within a given year and 16% of donors stop giving because they’ve passed away, your nonprofit could be wasting precious resources simply because your information is outdated. Instead, use TrueGivers to scan and update your database, so you can make sure all of your fundraising asks and appeals have the best chance of being viewed and acted upon. 

TrueGivers’s Pricing

TrueGivers offers several pricing packages that your nonprofit can choose from. These packages start at $25 per thousand records for data appends. The next is $85 per thousand records output for traditional screening. Finally, as a service, TrueGivers is available at $2,500 per month minimum. 


Overview of Boardable

Boardable provides the best fundraising software for board management.When it comes to fundraising, and especially your development strategic plan, you need to make sure everyone on your team is on the same page. Effective communication and team cohesiveness all starts with your board of directors. Boardable is a software solution dedicated to making sure your board is well-connected and working together. 

Boardable offers tools like an agenda builder, a meeting center, document storage, a task manager, goal tracking and reporting, voting capabilities, and a directory. This way, your board members will all be in sync whether they’re discussing your fundraising strategy over a video conference or in person. 

Why We Love This Fundraising Software 

With Boardable, your board can set actionable goals for your organization to meet and track your nonprofit’s progress toward those objectives. This helps them get directly involved with your fundraising goals and efforts so that you can push your mission forward. 

Plus, the task list ensures everyone on the board has concrete next steps to accomplish before the next meeting. Assigning responsibilities holds each board member accountable for helping your organization succeed. 

Boardable’s Pricing

Try out a free trial of Boardable. If you’ve decided that you love it, their software pricing starts at $79 per month, making it an affordable solution for any cause.


Overview of Quickbooks

Quickbooks provides the best fundraising software for nonprofit accounting.Quickbooks may not help your nonprofit collect donations, but it helps track your fundraising progress and financial status through effective accounting processes. Quickbooks offers fund accounting software for nonprofits to track their fundraising revenue and expenses for accurate budgeting. 

With Quickbooks, your nonprofit can automatically update your general ledger and budget as new fundraising revenue streams in. Fundraising software like Bloomerang allows your organization to export financial data to Quickbooks regularly. Plus, sync your bank account to always have an eye on your financial progress and your banking information. 

Why We Love This Fundraising Software 

Quickbooks helps nonprofits keep a close eye on their finances to track both revenue and expenses easily. You can immediately allocate your fundraising revenue to cover operational expenses, programming costs or reinvest in another fundraising campaign.

Quickbooks makes it easy to access your financial data on the go with their mobile capabilities. This way, you can easily track your financials from your computer or from your mobile device—whichever is most convenient for you. 

Quickbooks’ Pricing

Quickbooks ensures their solution is affordable and meets different organizations’ needs by providing several pricing packages to choose from. On top of their 30-day free trial, all packages are 70% off for three months right now. While their packages normally start at $25 per month, this pricing has been reduced to just $8 per month. 


Overview of Zapier

Zapier provides the best fundraising software for connectivity.Zapier makes it easy to connect all of your software together as a single functioning unit. Your nonprofit likely uses several different fundraising software solutions to raise funds during your campaigns. For instance, you use a CRM solution to store data and personalize fundraising messages. Online fundraising solutions allow you to collect funds through your website, event software helps manage registrations, and auction software enables you to launch auctions. 

Zapier helps you connect all of these solutions. With an effective connection forged, your nonprofit can automate the data transfer process between different software solutions.

Why We Love This Fundraising Software

If your nonprofit has already invested in one type of fundraising software, you don’t want to let that investment go to waste when you find other software types that may not integrate with your first selection. 

Zapier makes it easy to connect all of your solutions. Essentially, you can craft and leverage both existing and new integration options. You can create easy-to-understand workflows for your technology and, by extension, your fundraising team. 

Zapier’s Pricing

Get started on Zapier’s platform for free with their first pricing package. If you like it, you can start scaling up for $20, $49, and so on per month. 

Fundraising software helps nonprofits automate various aspects of their fundraising strategies and build lasting relationships with their supporters. By examining each of these solutions, you’re one step closer to finding the perfect fundraising software solutions to build out your organization’s fundraising toolbox! 

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With the right software in your toolbox, your organization will have greater success acquiring, retaining, and stewarding your donors to strengthen your fundraising strategy as a whole.

Ross Hendrickson

Ross Hendrickson

Co-Founder and CEO at Bloomerang
Ross Hendrickson is a co-founder and the CEO of Bloomerang. Prior to co-founding Bloomerang, he served as Product Manager for Bostech Corporation and later Avectra. Ross serves on the Horizon Council, the young professionals leadership council of the Indianapolis-based nonprofit Conner Prairie. He graduated with a B.S. in Economics & Engineering Science from Vanderbilt University.