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14 Best Fundraising Websites For Nonprofits and Individuals

This guide will discuss the benefits of the top fundraising websites for nonprofits.
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Having a clear online fundraising strategy for your nonprofit, and the tools to bring it to life, is more important than ever, especially as younger generations gain more giving power. More than 75 percent of Gen Z and Millennial donors prefer giving online, meaning it’s essential to use fundraising solutions that help you better understand and connect with this audience.

You may also be looking for a fundraising website to help run a personal crowdfunding campaign, whether to raise money for individual expenses or to launch a new product or business. It’s equally important to find a fundraising tool that helps you raise support and quickly reach your goals.

However, it can feel like there are an overwhelming number of solutions availablewhere should you start when it comes to finding the best fundraising website?

In this guide, we’ll highlight top fundraising websites to help you determine which platforms will help you fundraise successfully:

  1. Bloomerang
  2. Qgiv
  3. Bonfire
  4. Fundraise Up
  5. PayPal
  6. Donorbox
  7. Classy
  8. Facebook
  9. Fundly
  10. Mightycause
  11. GoFundMe
  12. Patreon
  13. Kickstarter
  14. FundRazr

We’ll go over how these sites either enable your nonprofit to fundraise through their platform or allow you to incorporate fundraising tools into your website to better reach your audience. Plus, if you stick around at the end of the post, you’ll discover a few key tips for finding the right fundraising site for your needs.

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1. Bloomerang

This image shows a donation form created using Bloomerang's fundraising website.

Bloomerang is the best all-around nonprofit fundraising resource because you get a donor management platform, online giving tool, marketing platform, and reporting resource, all in one system.

It’s trusted by over 23,000 nonprofits for its people-centric user experience that centers the tools nonprofit professionals care about most, which put donor relationships at the center of fundraising.

Bloomerang is designed to give nonprofit professionals more time back in the day by making data insights easy to interpret and act on. Fundraisers can view insights like donor engagement levels and giving capacity to prioritize top prospects.

Why Bloomerang is one of the best fundraising tools for nonprofits

By using Bloomerang for your nonprofit’s fundraising tool, you’ll gain access to features such as:

  • Robust, modern online fundraising tools. Bloomerang’s fundraising tools include customizable giving pages, peer-to-peer fundraising and crowdfunding capabilities, text-to-donate functionality, and more. Manage all online campaigns from one convenient system to monitor fundraising progress and donor engagement.
  • Retention-focused donor management system. Retain 10% more than the industry average of recurring donors using features such as a constituent timeline, wealth-screening functionality, an engagement meter, and segmentation capabilities.
  • Integrated marketing and engagement tools. Leverage an email marketing tool that’s built into your donor management and fundraising system. Send personalized emails and letters to form genuine relationships with supporters.
  • Seamless payment processing. Build trust with donors using Bloomerang Payments, a best-in-class payment processing platform. Bloomerang Payments leverages industry-leading anti-fraud measures and PCI compliance to protect donor data.
  • Mobile app. Bloomerang’s mobile app allows fundraisers to stay informed while on the go. Update donor profiles, track donations in real-time, and research supporters as needed, all from your mobile device.
  • Donor reporting and insights. Create customized, recurring reports for your team to understand how your fundraising and marketing efforts are playing out. Reduce time spent on manual reporting tasks by leveraging templates and at-a-glance dashboards.


Bloomerang Standard is $119 per month. Learn more about Bloomerang’s scalable pricing.

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2. Qgiv

Qgiv is a robust fundraising platform for mission-driven organizations. This platform is designed to help nonprofits achieve a higher fundraising ROI through affordable tools and better giving experiences.

Top qualities of this fundraising website

  •  Create fully customized donation pages that help track essential metrics like conversions and new donor acquisition.
  • Foster donor retention and upgrades with recurring giving prompts.
  • Fundraise via text with user-friendly text-to-give tools.


Qgiv offers a free plan for small nonprofits that are just getting started with online fundraising. Read more about pricing and paid plans.

3. Bonfire

This image shows an example of a t-shirt fundraiser created on Bonfire, one of the best fundraising websites for nonprofits.

Bonfire is a T-shirt fundraising platform that nonprofits can use to sell branded merchandise and raise awareness for their missions.

Why Bonfire is one of the best fundraising websites for nonprofits

  • Create a customizable organization page to tell your nonprofit’s story and share campaign highlights.
  • Allow supporters to create campaigns on your behalf and send them personalized thank-you messages using a Campaign Dashboard.
  • Receive direct payouts from the platform to reduce donation delays.


Once your nonprofit is verified on the platform, processing fees are reduced from 8% to 3.5%.

4. Fundraise Up

Fundraise Up is a nonprofit fundraising platform that prioritizes boosting conversions through data-driven insights and recommendations. Their checkout process and payment methods are geared towards making the giving process as quick and painless as possible for donors.

Top features of this fundraising website

  • Machine learning tools that help generate the right suggested donation amount for each donor.
  • A fast checkout process with multiple popular payment methods, including credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Venmo, cryptocurrency, and more.
  • A donor portal where supporters can change their giving amount and view their giving histories and receipts.


Start with a self-managed option that includes a 4% fee per transaction, or reach out to the Fundraise Up team for custom package options.

5. PayPal

This screenshot shows features of PayPal, a top fundraising website for nonprofits.

PayPal is an online payment processing platform nonprofits can use to accept donations. PayPal is widely used for financial transactions, with 435 million active accounts.

Why PayPal is one of the best crowdfunding sites

  • Add a donate button to your website, social media posts, and emails, allowing users to make a one-time or recurring gift.
  • Use PayPal’s secure checkout as your payment processor.
  • Accept PayPal donations with a custom URL you can share on your website, email newsletters, and social media pages.


The PayPal donate button features a small fee depending on the type of currency used. Visit the fees page for details.

6. Donorbox

This screenshot shows the Donorbox homepage, a top fundraising tool for nonprofits

Donorbox is a user-friendly online donation platform that aims to be accessible to everyone, regardless if you’re a donor or a nonprofit staff member. Beyond one-time donations, you can also use the platform to start a membership program to foster recurring giving.

Top qualities of this fundraising website

  • Let supporters manage their own giving experience by allowing them to stop, adjust, pause, or resume their donating.
  • Integrate your online giving process with many popular CRMs, payment processors, marketing tools, and more.
  • Track donor communications and receive alerts for important milestones in donors’ engagement histories, such as the anniversary of their first gift.


The Donorbox Standard plan is free with a 1.75% platform free. Learn more about pricing.

7. Classy

Classy offers an online fundraising suite with multiple giving features, along with a few event management solutions.

Top qualities of this fundraising site

  • Create customized, mobile-responsive web pages that encourage recurring giving.
  • View reports such as campaign health metrics, recurring gift volume, and total donations.
  • Leverage peer-to-peer and crowdfunding capabilities to bring supporters into the fundraising process.


Get in touch with the Classy team to learn about pricing.

8. Facebook

This is a screenshot explaining the purpose of Facebook’s fundraising tools.
With approximately three billion active monthly users, Facebook is the most popular social media platform. Facebook Fundraisers have gained traction as easy, convenient ways for individuals to show support for their favorite nonprofits. Nonprofits themselves can also use the platform to fundraise and interact with supporters.

Meta, Facebook’s parent company, also offers other fundraising tools on platforms such as Instagram.

Why Facebook is one of the best fundraising websites for nonprofits

  • Supporters can easily start birthday fundraisers, raising money for your cause on their special day.
  • Engage more deeply with supporters by connecting a Facebook Live video to your fundraising page.
  • Post continual updates for your fundraisers, including photos and videos, to give supporters an idea of how your campaigns are going.
  • Tag supporters in your posts to thank them for contributing.
  • Use the insights dashboard to review your campaign progress.


Facebook Fundraising is free to use. Keep in mind that even though it’s a free platform, Facebook doesn’t share donor data, making it challenging to retain and steward donors.

9. Fundly

This screenshot shows an example of a donation page made on Fundly, a top fundraising website for nonprofits.

Fundly is an online donation platform for individuals or nonprofits looking to raise funds for a worthy cause. You can create a free fundraising page to promote your campaign and add blog-style updates to the page to keep supporters informed.

Top features of this fundraising website

  • Integrate your donation form directly into Facebook.
  • Customize your donation page with photos, videos, and other branded content.
  • Manage your campaigns using a convenient mobile app.
  • Help new fundraisers get their footing with a quickstart fundraising guide.


Fundly has a 0% platform fee for fundraisers. Their payment processor, Stripe, takes 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction for credit card processing.

10. Mightycause

This image shows what Mightycause’s fundraising platform looks like.

Mightycause is another all-in-one donor management, fundraising, and marketing platform for nonprofits. Mightycause is perfect for organizations looking to scale up their fundraising efforts and gain greater insights into their donor bases.

Top features of this fundraising website

  • Create team and event fundraising opportunities to inspire supporters to get involved in peer-to-peer fundraising.
  • Design a fully branded and customized website to promote your annual giving day.
  • Access real-time donation reports to assess the effectiveness of your campaigns.


Mightycause starts at $59 per month for a small nonprofit plan. Learn more about pricing.

11. GoFundMe

GoFundMe is one of the world’s largest crowdfunding websites, having helped raise over $15 billion since 2010. Nonprofits can create fundraising pages on the platform to start raising money online quickly. GoFundMe is also a highly effective platform for individual fundraisers, helping people raise funds for medical expenses, memorials, personal emergencies, and more.

Top features of this crowdfunding website

  • Individuals can start campaigns on behalf of your nonprofit, helping spread your influence without direct action needed from your fundraising team.
  • Reach many new audiences with the platform’s broad reach in the fundraising space.
  • Receive funds immediately through automatic donation transfers.


It’s free to start a GoFundMe fundraising campaign, but the platform collects a 2.9% + $0.30 transaction fee per donation.

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12. Patreon

This screenshot shows the homepage of Patreon, a fundraising website nonprofits can use to sell exclusive content.

Patreon is a membership platform that nonprofits can use to share exclusive content or products with supporters. Patreon is designed to help supporters connect with their favorite content creators, and for creators to foster stronger online communities.

Why Patreon is one of the best fundraising websites for nonprofits

  • Share exclusive content with paying members, such as videos, podcast episodes, and other digital products.
  • Promote your nonprofit’s brand and develop a more loyal supporter base.
  • Foster a predictable and reliable revenue stream.


Patreon is free to get started with. Learn about how pricing works on Patreon.

13. Kickstarter

Screenshot of the Kickstarter homepage, a crowdfunding website for individuals and nonprofits

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform geared toward helping individuals and organizations launch creative projects such as works of film, photography, art, comics, theatre, and music. The platform has funded over 255,000 projects and raised over $7 billion for creative work.

Why Kickstarter is one of the best crowdfunding websites

  • Nonprofits can use Kickstarter to fund creative projects that spread the word about their missions, such as short films, books, or long-form journalism projects.
  • It’s free to create a Kickstarter account.
  • Fundraisers can add plenty of details to their campaign pages, including FAQs, updates, and more.


Kickstarter charges a 5% fee on projects that reach their fundraising goals.

14. FundRazr

Screenshot of the FundRazr homepage, a crowdfunding website for nonprofits and individuals

FundRazr is a crowdfunding website for nonprofits and individuals, allowing fundraisers to launch grassroots campaigns to raise money within their networks. This platform is useful for organizations or individuals who need to get their messages out quickly and raise funds for urgent needs.

Why FundRazr is one of the best fundraising websites for nonprofits

  • Organizations can launch a wide variety of campaigns, including peer-to-peer fundraisers, wishlist crowdfunding, microprojects, and more.
  • Access support features such as campaign templates and support from professional crowdfunding advisors.
  • Manage your campaigns from a central hub, with tools for updating campaigns and reporting on results.


FundRazr has no platform fee but a 2.9% + $0.30 payment processing fee.

Bonus: Key Features to Look for in Fundraising Websites for Nonprofits

So, what’s the right fundraising website for your nonprofit? After reviewing our list, you may have a few top options in mind. Ultimately, the website you choose should:

As you research fundraising websites for nonprofits, use this checklist to find a solution that suits your needs.

  1. Work with your budget. Assess your budget to ensure that your top option fits within your means. Keep in mind that a free option might not be the best long-term solution for your needs. These sites may not offer the support, features, or flexibility you need to truly take your fundraising to the next level.
  2. Be flexible and scalable. Your fundraising platform should be able to grow and evolve with your nonprofit as you expand your fundraising potential. Look for features like flexible pricing and scalability that will allow you to not only collect donations but also steward and retain your donors.
  3. Offer quality support. It’s always helpful to choose a fundraising solution that offers resources, best practices, and on-call support to help you achieve a higher return on your investment.
  4. Have positive reviews from real users. Browse through software reviews on sites like G2 for unbiased reviews from organizations using each platform.

Participate in demos for your top options and involve the team members who will be using the platform daily in the decision-making process.

Wrapping up

Ultimately, choosing the right fundraising or crowdfunding website for your nonprofit comes down to your unique needs. Determine which platform works for your budget and future aspirations, and ensure your choice is user-friendly for both your nonprofit’s team and supporters.

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