Bloomerang + Mailchimp Integration

The Bloomerang Mailchimp integration allows your organization to better your marketing outreach.

Advanced Email Marketing

Bloomerang’s built-in email marketing system isn’t your only option. If you’re already using Mailchimp for your email marketing needs and feel comfortable with it, you can keep it – and still use Bloomerang’s top-rated donor management system. With the Bloomerang + Mailchimp integration, there’s no need for your “email person” to learn a new system. Plus, Bloomerang will keep track of emails sent to your donors via Mailchimp!

Set It Up In Minutes

Configure your Bloomerang Mailchimp integration.

You can either create a new Mailchimp account or use an existing one to connect to your Bloomerang donor database. All you need to do is:

  1. Go to Email Settings within your Bloomerang account. 
  2. Then, click on the Mailchimp integration button.
  3. Sign onto your Mailchimp account and authorize the account setup! 

Once you connect Bloomerang with Mailchimp, you can then create Mailchimp email templates directly in your Bloomerang database.

After you’ve connected the two software solutions, you can merge or create customized fields to ensure the successful transfer of and use of information between your Mailchimp and Bloomerang accounts. 

Map the fields that you’d like to merge as a part of your nonprofit’s Mailchimp integration. This allows your organization to push data from Bloomerang to Mailchimp and ensures Mailchimp information will be updated with data from your database.

Merge marketing fields with your Bloomerang Mailchimp integration.

Build Audiences in Bloomerang and Send to Mailchimp

Push fields from your CRM to your marketing software with your Bloomerang Mailchimp integration.

Integrating your Mailchimp and Bloomerang accounts allows your organization to use the donor segments from your CRM to personalize your email outreach. Push your donor data from Bloomerang to your Mailchimp templates for quick access to the correct contact information, smart segmentation strategies, and other personalized details. 

Mailchimp integrations allow your nonprofit to nurture your relationships with supporters by helping you create more personalized communications that best appeal to each individual.

Once you’ve pushed your donor data from Bloomerang to Mailchimp, the list of supporters you want to email will show up as a tag on your Mailchimp account. When you draft your email on Mailchimp and send the message using the designated tag (with the data you pushed from Bloomerang), the message you sent will come up in the constituent timeline within your donor database. 

As you can see, the Bloomerang-Mailchimp integration is a perfect way to personalize your communications to supporters while also recording all transactions in your donor database. With this integration, you can better nurture relationships with your supporters in no time.

The Bloomerang Mailchimp integration allows you to use the Mailchimp templates for your marketing strategy.

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