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Claire Axelrad, J.D., CFRE is a fundraising visionary with 30+ years frontline development work helping organizations raise millions in support. Her award-winning blog showcases her practical approach, which earned her the AFP “Outstanding Fundraising Professional of the Year” award. Claire runs “Clairification School” online, teaches the CFRE course that certifies professional fundraisers, and is a regular contributor to Guidestar, NonProfit PRO and Maximize Social Business.

Mid-Pandemic Fundraising Strategies Checklist: 13 Items to Move off the Back Burner

What you don’t do right now will come back to bite you in the butt. Because you exist within a fast-moving, competitive environment. If you’re not actively cooking things up you’ll have little nourishment to offer. So, whatever is on your back burner, move it to the forefront and get [...]

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Fuel Your Nonprofit’s Annual Contributions Income Engine

In Part 1 of this four-part series I introduced a ‘4-Step Strategy to Cure Your Current Fundraising Headache.’ FORWARD FACE Equilibrium: Balance your fundraising strategies FUEL the Machine: Charge your annual contributions income engine FUMES Provide Accelerant: Prepare for ‘retirement’ FUTURE Proof the Mission: Leave a legacy for generations to [...]

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Due to Current Events Your Nonprofit Has a Back Burner Problem

Time to get your bearings so you don’t lose your way amidst the chaos with your current fundraising strategies. Things are getting tougher. Partly because this doesn’t feel new anymore. The early urge to jump in with both feet to do something – a virtual event, a crisis appeal, a [...]

3 Nonprofit Leadership Strategies for Crisis Situations

In a recent article I discussed three strategies to successfully fundraise mid-pandemic. Here I’d like to look at some of the principle underlying nonprofit leadership strategies that serve as pre-conditions to successful fundraising, crisis or no crisis. As true as these tenets ever were, they hold particularly true during a [...]

3 Strategies to Successfully Fundraise Mid-Pandemic

All the best strategies you’re innovating now, and having success with, should be continued as you fundraise mid-pandemic. This is your pandemic silver lining! It’s taken this quarantine crisis for some nonprofits to do what they should have done before. Stop looking for bad news and reasons to not fundraise [...]

Fundraising Mid-Pandemic: Your Honor and Responsibility

Whither goest now? When coronavirus response fundraising began several months ago, you probably didn’t envision you’d still be working from a home office. Or that your ‘business as usual’ still wouldn’t be. Or that you still wouldn’t have the ability to plan for a date certain when everything would go [...]

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