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18-Point Annual Fundraising Appeal Checklist

fundraising success checklist
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Easily Manage Your Donor & Fundraising Needs in Bloomerang!

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Ultimately, the goal of every appeal letter is to get a resounding “Yes!”

With the right number of positive responses to your annual fundraising appeal letter, you can get the support you need for your mission. You could even surpass your short-term goals, giving your nonprofit the ability to focus on long-term strategies.

However, if you miss the mark — failing to connect with the recipients of your annual fundraising appeal, you could face the unfortunate prospect of cutting back on programs.

With that much at risk, you need an effective strategy for writing the type of appeal letters that clearly tell your story, generate empathy and get donors to share your passion for making a difference.

And it’s all possible with the right strategy!

That’s why I’ve written this free 18-step Annual Fundraising Appeal Checklist for Bloomerang.

It will help you get the right responses to your appeals!

Take the time to carefully think through each step, and take plenty of notes along the way. With the right approach, you’ll be creating letters that make a connection with donors who will willingly contribute to your cause.

You can download the free checklist here >>

How to Write a Fundraising Plan in 2 Steps!

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