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Donor Love and Loyalty Plan

A woman is on the phone and looking towards her computer screen. She's smiling. It appears that she is on the phone with a nonprofit she recently donated to.
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Retain More Donors With a CRM Built Just for Nonprofits!

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There’s plenty of research showing that giving leaves people with a warm glow – an actual shot of dopamine triggered by the brain’s pleasure center.

However, most nonprofits struggle with maintaining those feelings after a donation has been made. Your donor needs your help if they’re to truly bask in the glow of their giving!

That’s why I’ve teamed up with Bloomerang to create this free Donor Love and Loyalty Plan. It’s a worksheet designed to help you with cultivation, engagement and relationship-building: all of the things you need to get donors to renew their support, upgrade their support and refer new donors to your cause.

You can download the eBook for free here.

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