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Nonprofit Software Solutions: The 27 Best Options in 2024

This guide explores 19 effective nonprofit software solutions.
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In 2024, staffing challenges are among the most pressing concerns in the nonprofit sector. According to a National Council of Nonprofits report, nearly three out of four nonprofits (74.6%) surveyed reported job vacancies. Salary competition and budget constraints are some of the factors leading to a challenging hiring environment.

Many organizations have turned to software solutions to help fill these gaps. For example, 67% of nonprofits use constituent relationship management (CRM) software to track donations and manage communications.

Let’s be clear: software will never replace the necessity for experienced nonprofit professionals at your organization. However, software tools can support current staff members by helping them save time, reduce manual tasks, and fundraise more efficiently. 

This guide will review the top nonprofit software tools in 2024 that can help your organization stay organized, connect with supporters on a deeper level, and ultimately increase your revenue. We’ve divided these tools into the following categories:

This image shows the different types of nonprofit software we’ll explore in this guide (outlined in the table of contents below).

Each of these types of software will streamline various elements of your donor management and fundraising processes, helping you identify new fundraising opportunities and grow support for your nonprofit.

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Best Nonprofit Software for Donor Management

Donor management software, also known as constituent relationship management (CRM) software, is designed to help keep track of your nonprofit’s donor information. By storing key data on your nonprofit supporters, you can then use this information to better connect and build relationships with them.

Read on for an overview of our favorite donor management solutions.


Bloomerang’s donor management software is the perfect solution for organizations focused on building stronger relationships with their supporters.

Bloomerang is designed with features that help you acquire new donors, foster relationships, and increase the chances that donors will continue supporting your nonprofit for the long term. Some of these features include:

  • An interactive dashboard. Bloomerang makes sure your donor retention rate is front-and-center on the dashboard, helping you understand where your organization stands at all times.
  • Donor engagement and generosity scores. Your Bloomerang donor database assigns engagement and generosity scores to each supporter that reveal how engaged donors are and how likely they are to donate again. When you come across an individual with engagement and high generosity scores, you may have found yourself a potential major contributor!
  • Donor timelines. Keep up with every interaction your supporters have with your organization using a comprehensive timeline. This feature shows when donors haven’t contributed in a while, letting you create a strategy for re-engaging them.
  • Comprehensive reporting tools. With Bloomerang, your organization can create reports that highlight the specifics of your marketing initiatives, fundraising campaigns, and more.

Bloomerang also integrates with other top nonprofit technology platforms like Mailchimp, Qgiv, DonorSearch, TrueGivers, Fundraise Up, and GiveButter. This makes it easy to manage different aspects of your fundraising strategy, such as donor acquisition and prospect research, all under one roof.

Bloomerang’s fundraising software helps nonprofits retain 10% more than the industry average of recurring donors. Schedule a demo here.

Neon CRM

This screenshot shows the homepage for Neon CRM, a nonprofit software solution for donor management.

Neon CRM is a well-known donor management platform in the nonprofit sector. Its customizable donor database makes it easy for nonprofits to track and grow donor relationships. Some of the features this software offers include:

  • Customizable fields. The flexible donor management platform allows you to add customized data to each supporter profile, helping you analyze the information that’s most important to your nonprofit.
  • Segmentation. Segment your supporters within NeonCRM to make your fundraising appeals and marketing initiatives more relatable and applicable to each group.
  • Online store. Embed an online store into your website to give donors another way to contribute to your organization by purchasing branded merchandise.


This screenshot shows the homepage for DonorPerfect, a nonprofit software solution for donor management.

DonorPerfect is a nonprofit software solution designed to help keep all your organization’s team members on the same page regarding your fundraising strategy. With a mobile app and effective reporting tools, everyone at your organization will have the tools they need to keep up with operational tasks and raise funds, no matter where they are.

Using DonorPerfect, you can access features like:

  • Automated workflows. Use workflows to assign tasks and due dates to your team for different actions, such as sending welcome baskets to new supporters.
  • Client resources. In addition to the CRM, your organization will have access to resources from DonorPerfect, including their webinars and fundraising guides.
  • Email marketing. DonorPerfect integrates with Constant Contact to ensure that your fundraising team can keep up with supporters effectively in your CRM.

Best Nonprofit Software for Fundraising

Fundraising software solutions are designed to facilitate the donation collection process for organizations. Fundraising software can include donation tools, peer-to-peer fundraising platforms, matching gift software, and more.

Here are a few of the top online fundraising platforms:


This screenshot shows the homepage for Qgiv, a nonprofit software solution for fundraising. 

Qgiv is a nonprofit fundraising platform that offers multiple types of fundraising campaign options for nonprofits. With Qgiv’s online donation forms, peer-to-peer fundraising pages, text fundraising capabilities, auction tools, and event management, your organization will have everything it needs to boost funding within a single nonprofit software solution.

Some of the features you can find when your organization invests in Qgiv include:

  • Customizable fundraising pages. Brand your fundraising pages with your nonprofit’s colors, logos, and fonts. Then, embed donation forms directly on your website.
  • Fundraising thermometers. Let supporters see the immediate impact of their gift on your fundraising goal. Thermometers can inspire them to give even more to maximize that impact!
  • Offset processing fees. Give your supporters the option to cover the processing costs for their contributions to your nonprofit with Qgiv’s GiftAssist tool. This also ensures you receive more of the funds.

Fundraise Up

This screenshot shows the homepage for Fundraise Up, a nonprofit software tool for fundraising.

Fundraise Up is a solution designed to drive conversions with the help of machine learning. This platform makes it fast and easy for supporters to contribute to your cause so that you don’t lose them during the checkout process. Some of the features they use to make this possible include:

  • Fast load times. Fundraise Up’s donation pages load quickly to improve the donor experience and drive conversions.
  • Multiple payment options. Donors can choose from multiple payment methods, such as credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, PayPal, Venmo, cryptocurrency, and more.
  • Machine learning AI. Fundraise Up’s machine learning algorithm analyzes donor behavior to help you determine a tailored suggested donation amount for each user and create donor segments for streamlined communication.

Double the Donation

This image shows a representation of how Double the Donation’s nonprofit matching gift software works.

Double the Donation helps nonprofits raise more through matching gifts. Matching gifts are a drastically underutilized fundraising opportunity for most nonprofits — $4-7 billion in matching gifts goes unclaimed each year.

The platform’s features include:

  • Matching gift auto-submission. The traditional matching gift process requires donors to navigate to their company’s online matching gift portal to fill out a form and request a matched donation. With 360MatchPro’s auto-submission feature, all donors have to do is enter their work email address in the matching gift search field on your donation page, and their match is automatically processed. This makes the matching gift journey much simpler for donors and drives more revenue for your nonprofit.
  • Automated emails. Send fully automated emails to your donors to provide instructions for submitting their matching gift requests.
  • Integrations with many other fundraising tools. You can easily integrate 360MatchPro with other fundraising platforms like Classy or Donately.


This screenshot shows the homepage for GiveButter, a nonprofit software option for fundraising.

GiveButter is a nonprofit software solution built to help organizations collect donations year-round as well as during specific campaigns. The tools they offer include donation collection forms, peer-to-peer fundraising pages, and event registration. Some of the features you can expect from this fundraising tool include:

  • Venmo and Apple Pay compatibility. With GiveButter, you can provide multiple ways for supporters to give, including credit/debit cards, Venmo, and Apple Pay.
  • Recurring gift options. Encourage your supporters to set up regular payments to your organization with recurring gifts. They can give every week, month, or at a frequency of their choosing.
  • Suggested giving amounts. Donors tend to give more when they have a reference for how much others give. Provide some context for your supporters with suggested giving amounts.

GiveButter also integrates with top donor management solutions like Bloomerang. This means you can streamline your donor information directly from the GiveButter platform into appropriate donor profiles.

Best Nonprofit Software for Prospect Research

Generally, major gifts make up a large portion of any nonprofit’s fundraising revenue. In fact, 88% of fundraising revenue comes from the top 12% of donors.

Prospect research software is used to identify a donor’s philanthropic and wealth indicators. These data points reveal whether a certain supporter has the capacity and willingness to make a major gift to your organization.

Let’s review a few top prospect research tools for nonprofits:


This screenshot shows the homepage for DonorSearch, a nonprofit software solution for data analytics and prospect research.

DonorSearch offers a large prospect research database that helps nonprofits identify potential prospects. Some top features of DonorSearch’s prospect research software include the following:

  • Marketing lists. Use DonorSearch’s tools to develop perfect marketing outreach lists of supporters based on financial, demographic, and interest categories.
  • Prospect generation. Identify new prospects by understanding their giving interests and past donations to similar organizations.
  • Machine learning tools. Use DonorSearch Ai to further narrow down your prospect list by identifying and segmenting top prospects with a high level of accuracy.


This screenshot shows the homepage for WealthEngine, a nonprofit software solution for wealth screening.

WealthEngine is designed to help your organization identify and manage wealth indicator information about your prospects. This nonprofit software uses scores and ratings to organize and manage your data. Some of the features you’ll find with this solution include:

  • Data enrichment. Use the data scores and reports to better understand and prioritize your supporter outreach.
  • Data cleaning. WealthEngine detects inaccuracies in your database so you can quickly identify and correct any data issues.
  • Secure delivery. WealthEngine uses the cloud to seamlessly and securely deliver, process, and transfer important files and data for your organization to use.


This image represents how iWave’s nonprofit software works. 

iWave is a prospect research tool that’s easy to use and provides valuable information to enhance your organization’s fundraising strategies. Some of the features that make iWave so user-friendly include:

  • Automatically-prioritized donor list. iWave can create a list of supporters to prioritize based on their giving capacity and likelihood, location, your organization’s goals, and other categories.
  • Comprehensive donor profiles. Create profiles for each prospect to store relevant information that your organization can use to raise funds.
  • iWave scores. iWave features a scoring system that helps rank donors according to their affinity and capacity to give.

Ready to invest in your first dedicated fundraising platform? Start your search with Bloomerang’s free buyer’s guide. Download the guide here.

Best Nonprofit Software for Events

Event software allows nonprofits to plan and carry out successful fundraising or awareness events. The following solutions can be used for both in-person and virtual fundraising events:


This screenshot shows examples of nonprofit events listed in EventBrite’s database. 

Eventbrite is a top event platform for organizations planning stewardship events that are free to attend. Eventbrite is free to use if your organization is hosting a free event. Some of the features you’ll receive on this platform include:

  • Quick event creation. In minutes, you can create an event registration form and start marketing to attendees.
  • Mobile app for creators. As an event creator, you can monitor event registration rates, attendance information, and other event details all within a mobile app.
  • Built-in marketing. You can post your event on Eventbrite’s event listing page to get a head start on marketing and encourage more people to attend.

Fonteva Events

This screenshot shows the landing page for Fonteva Events, a nonprofit software option to plan engaging events. 

Fonteva Events is a nonprofit event management tool that helps organizations plan both in-person and virtual experiences. The app is native to Salesforce, making it a helpful event management choice for nonprofits that use Salesforce to manage their constituents.

Fonteva Events offers several features that simply the event-planning process, such as:

  • A mobile app. Use the app to send attendees push notifications and updates to maintain supporter engagement before and during the event.
  • Responsive event microsites. Create a branded microsite to promote your event and provide a convenient platform for attendees to register.
  • Webinar sync. Connect your Fonteva event to popular video conferencing platforms like Zoom.

Best Nonprofit Software for Grants

While nonprofits earn much of their revenue from their fundraising efforts, there is also a lot of revenue potential in nonprofit grants. In fact, 80 cents of every dollar contributed to nonprofit revenue in the United States comes from government grants or contracts.

That’s why grant software is a vital nonprofit software solution. Browse a few top options here:


This screenshot shows the homepage for GrantHub, a nonprofit software solution to help organizations keep grant information organized.

Foundant’s grant software solution, GrantHub, makes it easy for nonprofits to identify potential grant opportunities, manage the grant application process, and track and report fundraising progress. Some features available as a part of GrantHub include:

  • Grant lifecycle management. Manage all grant applications and details in one place, maintaining information about the funders, tasks, notes, and more.
  • Task management. Keep team members organized by setting priorities and reminders for upcoming tasks so you never miss a deadline.
  • Custom fields. Leverage unlimited custom fields for profiles and grant opportunities to spotlight information that’s more important for your nonprofit.

Grants Plus

This screenshot shows the homepage for Grants Plus, a nonprofit software platform for grant seeking.

The Grants Plus team partners with nonprofits to act as advisors in the process of finding new grant opportunities, writing compelling proposals, and growing your grant funding over time. Their team offers services such as:

  • Grant prospect research. The Grants Plus team will support your nonprofit’s grant-seeking efforts by conducting a targeted prospect research process to find opportunities that align with your goals.
  • Federal grant writing. The experts will help write grant proposals for the federal level as well as for state and other opportunities.
  • Bridging staff transitions. The team can support your nonprofit during transitions or staff vacancies, ensuring the continuity of your grants program.

Best Nonprofit Software for Auctions

Auctions are a classic fundraising event that nonprofits use to appeal to a general audience or top donors. The success of these events depends on the items procured and the quality of the attendee experience. These software solutions can help manage auctions more effectively:


This screenshot shows the homepage for OneCause, a nonprofit software solution to help manage auction events. 

OneCause helps nonprofits during every stage of the auction event planning and execution processes. They offer tools to help plan exciting and engaging auctions, whether they’re in-person, virtual, live, or silent. This software provides options for nonprofits to better optimize aspects of the auction process like:

  • Item procurement. Manage the information necessary to effectively procure your top items for your auction. Create solicitation letters, track procurement updates, bundle items into valuable packages, and more.
  • Event registration. Invite supporters to register for the event using the same platform they’ll use to bid and complete other event activities.
  • Mobile bidding. Mobile bidding allows your supporters to relax and mingle with others, enjoying every aspect of the event without concern of being outbid. If they are, they’ll receive a notification and can quickly place a new bid via phone.


This screenshot shows Handbid’s homepage, a nonprofit software tool for auction events. 

Handbid is an auction app that’s specifically designed to improve the user experience of your nonprofit’s auction attendees. Consider hosting your next silent auction online and trust that your supporters will have all of the tools they need to engage with the event through Handbid’s comprehensive mobile app. With Handbid, you’ll find features such as:

  • Live streaming. Live stream to your event attendees during a virtual event. You may choose to show off various auction items during these live streams or simply tell donors more about your mission.
  • Auction management tools. Manage your guest list, get new item ideas, and view important statistics about the auction itself in real-time. This means you have accurate and up-to-date information at any time about how many supporters are bidding and the fundraising potential of your event.
  • Online and mobile bidding. Your auction attendees have the option to bid on your auction items from their phones with Handbid’s mobile app or from their computers on the dedicated auction site.


This image represents how ClickBid’s auction software works. 

ClickBid specializes in mobile bidding to help nonprofits pivot their classic silent auction to the virtual sphere (or a hybrid event). Their easy-to-use, user-facing features make it a compelling platform to satisfy your supporters. These features include:

  • Pre-event check-in. Check your supporters into your event faster so that they can get started bidding in your auction quickly.
  • Mobile check-out. Allow your auction winners to quickly and easily check out from your auction event without waiting in line with mobile checkout options.
  • Bulk messaging. Use mobile messaging to get in touch with all of your supporters and send quick updates throughout the event.

Best Nonprofit Software for Accounting

Accounting software helps nonprofits manage their finances, including revenue, expenses, budgeting, grants, and other needs. These tools allow nonprofits to maintain organized financial data to support their long-term viability and comply with relevant regulations. Here are a few accounting solutions to keep in mind:


This screenshot shows the QuickBooks homepage, a helpful accounting software solution.

QuickBooks is a widely used accounting platform for businesses. They also offer nonprofit accounting software to help nonprofits remain compliant with IRS regulations and take their fundraising campaigns to the next level. This platform offers helpful features such as:

  • Simple expense reporting. Sort expenses by fund or program and design customized reports based on the data points that are most relevant to your organization.
  • Automation. Streamline reporting even further by accessing automated reports via email.
  • Integrations with other fundraising solutions. Integrate QuickBooks with platforms like Bloomerang to sync your fundraising campaigns with your accounting software and view all financial data in one place.

Financial Edge NXT

This image represents how the Financial Edge NXT fund accounting software works. 

Financial Edge NXT is Blackbaud’s fund accounting software for nonprofits. This platform empowers nonprofits to save time, increase accountability, and ensure compliance with financial regulations. Users can access features like:

  • Automated budgets and reports. Reduce the time needed to compile reports manually and consolidate financial reporting into easily accessible resources.
  • Documentation storage. Keep track of important documents like donor agreements, grant proposals, and contracts.
  • Dashboards. Access visual representations of your financial performance at any time to confidently make data-driven decisions.


This image shows a dashboard within Aplos. 

Aplos provides financial management tools for nonprofits and churches. The platform also offers other nonprofit management tools, like donation software and a CRM, to help organizations grow donor relationships and fundraising.

Here are a few stand-out features of Aplos’ accounting tools:

  • Custom chart of accounts. Design a chart of accounts that’s personalized to your nonprofit’s needs and use tags to better manage different campaigns and projects.
  • Donation reporting. Gain greater visibility and insight into your giving campaigns with features like pledge tracking, lapsed donors, and donation tracking by donor.
  • Giving statements. Prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual giving statements in just a few clicks to ensure compliance.

Best Nonprofit Software for Productivity

Productivity software includes any software used to help increase productivity and streamline tasks. Nonprofits use productivity software to help their staff and volunteers stay organized through automation, task prioritization, cross-team communications, and more. Let’s review a few top options for productivity software:

Google Workspace

This screenshot shows the Google for Nonprofits landing page.

Google Workspace is a collection of productivity tools, including Drive, Docs, Slides, Meet, Calendar, and more. Google offers Google Workspace for Nonprofits, providing access to all of these tools at a discounted rate.

Using Google Workspace, nonprofits can access benefits like:

  • Cross-time zone collaboration. Keep team members on the same page, even if they’re working from different time zones or countries. Share calendar information and host virtual meetings using Google Meet.
  • Resource organization. Maintain resource organization by securely sharing documents and files using Google Drive.
  • Clear communication. Use Gmail to stay in touch with your team members and automatically create Calendar tasks based on email conversations.


This image shows a representation of how Trello’s project management system works. 

If you prefer the Kanban style of task management (task management via boards with columns for each stage of progress), Trello may be the right platform for your nonprofit. Using Trello, you can create cards for specific tasks, assign team members to tasks, and set due dates.

The platform’s features include:

  • Automation tools. These tools can manage repetitive tasks like setting due dates or adding team members to cards.
  • Templates. Templates help get project boards up and running more quickly. Simply customize the template to your nonprofit’s specific project needs and start using it immediately.
  • Multiple project views. Assess your projects from multiple perspectives, including list format, a dashboard, a timeline, and more.


This image shows an example of a dashboard in the Asana project management system. 

Asana is another project management system nonprofits can use to manage marketing, operations, strategic planning, and more. Similar to Trello, you can view tasks in a list, timeline, or board and ensure all team members are aware of their specific tasks.

Stand-out features of this platform include:

  • Priorities. Set priority levels for different tasks so team members know which assignments to keep top of mind and tackle first.
  • Reporting dashboards. Monitor your spending, track your campaign progress, and assess big-picture insights using robust reporting capabilities.
  • Workload management. Assess your full team’s workload to ensure tasks are balanced across team members.

Best Nonprofit Software for Marketing

Marketing platforms help get the word out about your nonprofit via multiple channels, including social media, email, direct mail, and more. Explore the following types of marketing software that can help enhance your outreach efforts:


This screenshot shows the homepage for Canva for Nonprofits, a nonprofit software solution for graphic design. 

Canva is an online graphic design platform that nonprofits can access for free. You can use Canva to design multiple types of marketing collateral, from flyers and brochures to social media posts and infographics.

Some of the top features of this platform include:

  • Over 420,000 templates. Simplify the graphic design process by starting with a template. Easily customize the template using your nonprofit’s colors, fonts, and logo.
  • A vast image library. Browse through Canva’s free image library packed with over 75 million images and videos you can add to your designs.
  • AI design tools. Canva’s Magic Studio AI design tools can support every step of the design process, from the brainstorming stage to help put the final touches on your materials.


This image shows the homepage for MailChimp, an email marketing platform.

MailChimp is an email marketing platform that organizations can use to streamline their email communications and boost engagement.

  • Segmentation. Group subscribers into unique segments based on shared characteristics, such as donation amount or frequency. Then, create tailored content that speaks to the interests of each audience.
  • AI assistant. Leverage AI tools to determine the right time to send your messages, create personalized campaigns, and optimize your emails with more engaging content.
  • Robust analytics and reporting. Gain access to valuable insights like email opens, click-through rates, and conversions.

MailChimp is another platform that seamlessly integrates with Bloomerang, enabling two-way data transfer between your email marketing system and donor management platform. Using this integration, you can leverage the supporter segments you’ve already created in Bloomerang for targeted email outreach.


This image represents how Buffer’s social media scheduling tool works. 

Buffer is a social media scheduling tool. Using Buffer, nonprofits can organically grow their social media following by publishing the right content at the right time. Here are a few features that can help make this happen:

  • Publishing tools. Create social media posts for every platform and publish them all from one convenient platform.
  • AI Assistant. Use Buffer’s AI tool to help brainstorm content ideas, quickly write new and engaging posts, and repurpose posts for other platforms.
  • TikTok scheduling. Schedule TikTok videos in advance to maximize exposure and earn greater attention on this essential platform for connecting with younger supporters.


This image represents different actions you can take in the Hootsuite software platform.

Hootsuite is another social media marketing platform that helps organizations strategically plan and publish content. Hootsuite enables nonprofits to increase their reach and fundraising revenue through analytics and customer journey assessments. Top features of this platform include:

  • AI writing tool. OwlyWriter AI can help generate content ideas, such as captions and image ideas.
  • Bulk social media scheduler. Schedule hundreds of posts ahead of time and boost engagement by choosing the right post times based on audience data.
  • Brand mentions. Promote a positive brand image by setting up feeds to identify negative feedback and personally address audience concerns.

Wrapping Up

With the tools in this guide, your nonprofit can build a comprehensive, effective nonprofit software ecosystem. To learn more about nonprofit software and the best ways to use it, review these additional resources:

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