As I am wrapping up my third week at Bloomerang, I thought it would be interesting to share what I have learned about our sales process and its customer-centric focus.

For starters, we want to make sure Bloomerang is a good fit for your organization before committing your time to a lengthy demonstration. So, an early step in the process is what we call the needs analysis. This is a conversation about the challenges or pains you are feeling with your current system that are prompting you to consider making a switch. We also like to gain a complete understanding of your fundraising practices and all the activities you will be tracking in your CRM database (fundraising, volunteer management, event management, etc.). From this conversation we will have a great idea of whether Bloomerang is a good fit for your organization. If it is, and you are interested, we will put together a proposal for you.

With the knowledge that we have just garnered from the needs assessment, we create a proposal highlighting how Bloomerang will meet the needs of your organization. We also outline the cost justification or the reasons Bloomerang will be worth the investment. We present the proposal over the phone, and if it looks good to you, we move on to the product demonstration.

The product demonstration is very thorough, which is why we make sure we are a good fit for your organization before we ask you to commit your time to the demonstration. In the demonstration, we show you all of Bloomerang’s great features with special focus on the features that are most important to your organization. We can show you how to track activities that are unique to your organization and how to create those custom reports that you rely on daily. There is plenty of time for questions to make sure you have a great understanding of how Bloomerang will work for you.

And finally, our hope is that you leave the demonstration feeling as excited about Bloomerang as we are and decide to join the family!

If you’re interested in learning more about Bloomerang, sign up for our next interactive online presentation here.

Amy Sermersheim
Amy Sermersheim is an Account Executive at Bloomerang.