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Mujeres Latinas en Acción

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Mujeres Latinas en Acción Logo

Happy client of Bloomerang Since its inception in 1973, Mujeres Latinas en Acción, a pioneering Latina-led organization, has been dedicated to empowering its community, focusing on supporting Latinas and their families through a journey of survival, healing, leadership, and thriving. Courtney Justus, individual giving and fundraising coordinator, plays a key role in advancing the organization’s mission through program leadership, event planning, and strategic fundraising efforts with the Young Professionals Advisory Council (YPAC).

The challenge

Initially, the organization grappled with donor data management, a gap that hindered fundraising and donor engagement capabilities. Justus recalled, “We didn’t have software to properly record donor contributions, and we were using other platforms for ticket sales and event registrations” Justus recalled. “We wanted to integrate everything into one solution.”

The solution

Securing funding for Bloomerang, a comprehensive donor and volunteer management solution, streamlined Mujeres Latinas’ operations. Justus spearheaded the use of Bloomerang Online Giving Tools to boost event management efficiencies.

“It’s been very helpful to see event registrations and donations and track our progress toward our goals, all in real time,” said Justus. “I especially like that Bloomerang makes it easy to assign the soft credit designation within a donation. It’s great for our Advisory Council, as they have to make both personal donations and raise funds through their networks.”

The results Happy Bloomerang clients

“With Bloomerang, we’ve seen a significant improvement in our fundraising events, increasing our fundraising totals by more than 50% over the past two years. It’s not just about tracking donations; it’s about understanding our donors and building lasting relationships.” The organization’s ability to organize and analyze data has led to more effective campaigns and a deeper connection with the community, helping to double the number of community sponsorships for its Fall Fundraiser.

“The ability to record and track contributions has improved our Young Professionals Advisory Council’s efforts, making our events and campaigns more successful,” noted Justus.

“Using Bloomerang donor management and online giving tools helped us more than double revenue for the Voces Unidas Gala, one of our signature campaigns.”

The organization can now also easily share reports across leadership and to their board. “Using Bloomerang, I was able to pull numbers from our most recent fundraiser within a couple of days,” said Justus. This expedited transparency has been instrumental in showing fundraising investment impact.

What’s next

Justus is optimistic about the future and intends to use Bloomerang for upcoming fundraisers and campaigns, focusing on data-driven strategies to boost donor engagement and contributions.

“We’re excited about the potential these tools bring to our campaigns and donor interactions,” Justus noted. “I’m looking forward to focusing on donor activity metrics and how we can use those insights to re-energize inactive donors.” She’s also exploring next-gen payment capabilities: “I welcome anything that enables us to more seamlessly integrate into Bloomerang and encourage additional giving at our events—especially if it’s as easy as Bloomerang Tap to Pay.”

“It’s not just about tracking donations; it’s about understanding our donors and building lasting relationships.”

Courtney Justus
Fundraising Coordinator
50% increase total fundraising revenue

In total fundraising revenue

2X more sponsorships

Sponsorships at Fall Fundraisers

2X increase Voces Unidas Gala

In donations from Voces Unidas Gala

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