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Coburn Place Safe Haven

Coburn Place Safe Haven provides transitional housing for survivors of interpersonal abuse, which includes domestic violence. We offer fully furnished apartments, a Community Housing option, robust Children’s Services, and assistance for survivors on our waiting list.


Coburn Place was looking for a cloud-based, user-friendly, and intuitive donor management system to replace their dinosaur database and improve their donor relationships. “We wanted, first and foremost, a cloud-based system. Our prior database was a dinosaur, and only one user could be in it at one time. Making it nearly unusable. We were also wanting something interactive, user-friendly, flexible and customizable, and one that would help us enhance donor relations. Bloomerang has definitely been all that and more,” said Julie Henson, Donor Relations Officer at Coburn Place Safe Haven.


Bloomerang stood out to Julie as the most intuitive solution with a knowledgeable customer support team that can’t be beat and all the features their growing organization would need. “I think what initially drew us (aside from it being local) was the great customer support and the cloud-based access. Plus it was user-friendly. Since using it, I have fallen in love with timelines and the ability to track so much of what we do with donors in real-time. I also still love the customer support so much. It’s incredible, truly. Has helped me learn so much about report building. Oh! Have to shout out ‘First-Time Donor Calls’ that is a new feature. LIFE CHANGING as a gift officer and so helpful! Love it.

Julie and her team have found that Bloomerang fits perfectly with their donor retention and gift development processes through its reporting and interactions functionality. “It has benefited the way we steward donors. Interaction tracking has really helped us see what we’re good at, and make sure that we’re engaging and learning about our donors. These interactions and notes help us make donors feel connected to the mission and help us find folks who have fallen through the cracks, which definitely increases donor retention. Plus, with the report function, we actually have data about donor retention at all :)”

In addition to its robust features and dependability as a database, Julie is happy to tout Bloomerang’s friendly and knowledgeable customer support team as another reason to recommend it as a top donor management system for women’s empowerment organizations like theirs. “Amazing customer service. User-friendly site! Timelines and interactions and notes are life-changing. Robust and customizable back-end. Literally, THE BEST continued education webinars and content about enhancing donor engagement.”


Since implementing Bloomerang, Coburn Place has alleviated several fundraising pain points in regards to better data management, increased productivity, and improved fundraising and development processes. “Well, first and foremost, we all had access to the information. Our dinosaur old system only let one person in at a time. Being able to be in an interactive database together made the fundraising efforts more cohesive and donors more central to our mission.”

The team at Coburn Place has also seen improvements with the quality of their constituent communications through segmenting donors in Bloomerang. “Quality of constituent communication has definitely improved! We are able to record notes and see who donors are and their histories with the organization. It’s led to better segmenting and personalizing of the donor experience.” Julie and her team are well on their way to having better insight into their donor data, donor retention percentage, and dollars raised. “Reports in Bloomerang have helped us start the process of refining data so we can know this information more accurately.”

All in all, it’s amazing what an easy-to-use, donor-focused database can do for the growth of a women’s empowerment organization such as Coburn Place, especially during these unprecedented times. “We love Bloomerang. I’m really grateful for the support, for the webinars, and think the database is an incredible asset to our organization.”

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