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Abbott House increases donor retention and dollars raised!

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Abbott House Logo

We build lasting foundations under children, adolescents and adults with complex needs. They frequently come to us from trauma-ridden pasts. They often have lost their sense of place in the world and the notion of a future that is stalled in the present. Our goal is to help them create a durable sense of family, home and community, and prepare them for a promising future.

Our children, adolescents and adults critically depend on our partnership. Without you and others like you, we simply could not begin to make a meaningful difference in their lives.


Abbott House was looking for a streamlined donor database solution that would be easy for everyone on the team to learn and use. “We were looking for a user friendly and intuitive donor database that was easy for everyone to learn and maintain,” said Lauren Candela-Katz, Chief Development Officer at Abbott House.

Lauren was drawn to Bloomerang’s ease of use, functionality, and donor retention focus.

We love that it was easy to use. It is not cluttered. We appreciate the emphasis on donor retention and we are also loving how it integrates with other products such as Firespring.”


The team at Abbott House had finally found a donor management system that could fit seamlessly into their donor retention and gift development processes. “We are a small shop which requires us to be super-efficient in everything we do. Bloomerang helps us do that with the time we save in processing online donations, preparing and storing thank you letters, segmenting donors and prospects, generating reports and tracking donor retention.”

In addition to improving their productivity and development processes, Bloomerang has helped Lauren and her team be more efficient and focus their fundraising efforts on what matters most. “It is a great user-friendly system that is easy to manage and help us be efficient in our stewardship and our fundraising.”


Since implementing Bloomerang, Abbott House has seen several improvements in the quality of their constituent communications. “We completely re-branded and changed all communication to be donor-centered.” Segmenting donors and prospects is a breeze now. Along with better constituent communications, the team at Abbott House has benefited from clean data. “Multiple people are now able to use the system whereas beforehand the system was so complicated only one person was able to use it. We were also able to clean up much of the data.”

Lauren and her team have also been impressed with the improvements they’ve seen to their donor retention and dollars raised metrics.

Since switching to Bloomerang and incorporating a robust communications plan:

  • Donor retention increased 9% from 46% in 2016 to 55% in 2018

In the first year:

  • 14.4% increase in dollars raised

In the second year:

  • 22.8% increase in dollars raised

It’s amazing what a user-friendly, donor-centered tool can do for the growth of social services such as Abbott House. “We love it!”

“It is a great user-friendly system that is easy to manage and help us be efficient in our stewardship and our fundraising.”

Lauren Candela-Katz
Chief Development Officer
511% donor retention

In donor retention

40% Increase in dollars raised

In dollars raised

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