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From fragmentation to integration: How Marbridge streamlined operations with Bloomerang

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Marbridge is a customer of Bloomerang Marbridge, a foundation dedicated to serving adults with cognitive and intellectual disabilities, found itself at a critical juncture. Becca McPherson, the Vice President for Development, shared the foundation’s mission, stating, “We serve 275 adults with cognitive and intellectual disabilities. I am just incredibly, incredibly blessed to be a part of this campus.”

The challenge

Despite its impactful mission, Marbridge grappled with a fragmented approach that required six different databases. This disjointed system not only hampered efficiency but also limited the foundation’s capacity to fully engage with and respond to residents’ needs—affecting its mission of providing a lifelong home for its community. McPherson highlighted the challenge: “Think of Marbridge as a residential college campus plus assisted living and nursing. There are a lot of moving parts. Across our campus, we were working with six different databases. Our previous solutions were only able to capture a limited scope of the operations and relationships management required for a campus like ours.” The need for a comprehensive solution was clear, one that could unify its systems and enhance engagement with donors, volunteers, and the broader community.

The solution

Bloomerang emerged as the holistic solution McPherson had been searching for, It helped Marbridge modernize its operational strategy not only by unifying its disparate databases but also by significantly enhancing donor engagement and operational efficiency. “Bloomerang offered the best opportunity to eliminate three of our databases and roll them into a Bloomerang database,” said McPherson, making it possible for Marbridge to manage admissions, volunteer engagement, and fundraising seamlessly.

The platform’s flexibility delivered a comprehensive view of the community and simplified the transition of volunteers to major donors through an effective moves management system. Bloomerang has also proven easy to use and customize—without needing technical expertise—empowering Marbridge to adapt the platform to its unique needs, fostering stronger relationships within the community, and bringing focus to its mission.

Marbridge volunteer helping a resident.
The results

Integrating Bloomerang into Marbridge’s operations not only fostered unprecedented growth in fundraising but also introduced significant operational efficiencies that reshaped the foundation’s approach to its mission and helped it save $3,000.

Bloomerang has helped Marbridge significantly increase its operational efficiency and fundraising capabilities, significantly amplifying the foundation’s impact. This is due in part to the organization’s strategic use of Bloomerang Generosity ScoresTM, powered by DonorSearch, to identify and engage potential major donors more effectively, tailor their outreach, and cultivate deeper relationships.

“The DonorSearch function in Bloomerang has been a game-changer for us. It’s given us the ability to not only find new supporters but to really understand what motivates our existing donors.”

This targeted approach has been instrumental in Marbridge’s ability to dramatically expand its fundraising. McPherson highlighted that: “When I first started at Marbridge, we were raising about $995,000 a year. As of last fiscal year, we brought in over $6 million.”

Additionally, consolidating several databases into Bloomerang not only streamlined processes but also saved $3,000, enabling McPherson to direct more resources toward the organization’s mission, and empowering staff to focus more on impactful work.

Marbridge also saw a dramatic increase in donor retention rates, achieving an impressive 82% retention, which underscores the system’s effectiveness in nurturing long-term donor relationships. “The moves management system has been crucial,” emphasized McPherson. “Bloomerang helped make it possible for us to increase millions in donations over a few years.”

Bloomerang reporting and analytics capabilities helped Marbridge gain deeper insights into fundraising activities, which enabled data-driven decision-making and strategy refinement. The software’s ability to generate comprehensive reports in real time has been instrumental in identifying trends, assessing performance, and planning future initiatives. “Bloomerang reporting tools let us see our progress in real time, adjust our strategies accordingly, and set more ambitious goals,” noted McPherson.

The platform’s impact extends to volunteer engagement, where McPherson was able to streamline volunteer coordination and recognition efforts. This not only improved the volunteer experience but also enhanced the efficiency of volunteer-driven activities, further contributing to the foundation’s ability to deliver on its mission.

What’s next?

The foundation values the strong partnership with Bloomerang, appreciating the personalized support and the platform’s adaptability to Marbridge’s evolving needs. Reflecting on this partnership, Becca shared that it’s “one of the reasons why we’ve been extremely loyal.”

Even though Marbridge has customized Bloomerang to manage volunteer engagement, McPherson is looking forward to unlocking additional capabilities with Bloomerang Volunteer to further simplify tracking volunteer hours and improve communication—crucial for Marbridge’s extensive volunteer-driven activities. This strategy ensures Marbridge’s continued support for its residents, highlighting the significant impact technology can have on enhancing nonprofit operations and community connections.

"Bloomerang reporting tools let us see our progress in real time, adjust our strategies accordingly, and set more ambitious goals."

Becca McPherson
Vice President for Development
6x increase in fundraising

In fundraising

82% donor retention

Donor retention rate

$3000 cost savings from efficiencies

Cost savings from efficiencies

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