3 Must-Haves to Cultivate Volunteers as Donors

The numbers are compelling. Research shows that two-thirds of volunteers make their charitable gifts to the organizations where they volunteer. Even more impressive, volunteers tend to give almost twice as much to charity as non-volunteer supporters. In other words, the volunteers within your organization who already build capacity by delivering [...]

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3 Ways to Turn Volunteers Into Fundraisers

Whether it's a capital campaign or a peer-to-peer campaign, fundraising is all about making the most of existing social networks. As you approach launching a campaign, make sure you’re maximizing a very important group of people: your volunteers. Volunteers make great fundraisers. They have several special advantages: They already know [...]

It’s Time to Stop Being Afraid of Asking Volunteers for Donations

No one doubts how great volunteers are for their organization. They’re regularly engaged with your organization. They have face-time with your staff (you’ve probably spent months or even years trying to get a meeting with a donor!). They experience firsthand exactly what donor dollars do for your organization. […]

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