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How to Build an Amazing Volunteer Database for Now & Future Events

How to Build an Amazing Volunteer Database for Now & Future Events
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It’s overwhelming to recruit when you know you have 100’s or even 1000’s of positions to fill. Here are some great places to share your event volunteer sign-up/recruitment link so that you can watch these positions fill up fast!

1. Leverage ongoing staff & volunteers who you already have

If you have any active volunteer programs with people who volunteer on an ongoing basis, this is a good place to start.

2. Harvest from your list of past volunteers

For any events that you’ve organized in the past that are within the region of your upcoming event, reach out these volunteers to see if they’d be interested in serving for this event too. Express your gratitude for their previous involvement and that you’d love to have them again.

3. Partner with organizations of a similar cause

Research different professional organizations/service clubs that have a similar cause or niche audience. Reach out to them about your event and invite them to organize some volunteer groups.

4. Talk to your sponsors

Have sponsors lined up? Talk to them about inviting some of their employees to volunteer for the event. This can be a great way for companies to get their teams involved in more than just a financial way. Frame volunteer opportunities as one of the perks of becoming a sponsor.

5. Reach out to local organizations

Have specific, specialized roles that need to be filled (ie. Bartenders, security/police officers, first aid)? Reach out to organizations who staff people with these skills or target specific people you know of to invite them to volunteer.

6. Social media outreach

Use hashtags related to your event type and location and encourage people to share your signup/recruitment link.

7. Use digital advertising

Use platforms like Google Adwords, Facebook ads, and LinkedIn. These platforms will help you perform a targeted outreach.

8. Contact local religious groups, clubs, universities and colleges.

These are some easy places to find eager and willing volunteers who are looking to give back to the community and gain work experience.

As you begin building your volunteer list, think of this as a database/rolodex for your future events. It’s tough at the beginning, but it becomes a valuable investment.

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