Social services, social welfare and social advocacy groups are the heartbeat of the nonprofit sector, and we’re proud that countless such organizations nationwide have chosen Bloomerang’s donor database solution.

Below are just a few thoughts and success stories from social services just like yours that provide a safe haven, healing, rehabilitation, a voice and resources to those in need.

Compass was founded in 2007 with the purpose of challenging the church to meet the needs of children and youth in the foster care system. We provide programs and services that emphasize personal growth, foster healthy relationships and promote connections to the community. 

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Our mission is to help children and families realize the possibilities of their lives through foster care, adoption, and counseling.

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We build lasting foundations under children, adolescents and adults with complex needs. They frequently come to us from trauma-ridden pasts. They often have lost their sense of place in the world and the notion of a future that is stalled in the present. Our goal is to help them create a durable sense of family, home and community, and prepare them for a promising future.

Our children, adolescents and adults critically depend on our partnership. Without you and others like you, we simply could not begin to make a meaningful difference in their lives.

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The mission of the National Runaway Safeline (NRS) is to help keep America’s runaway, homeless and at-risk youth safe and off the streets.

NRS is the ‘go to’ resource for America’s runaway, homeless and at-risk youth and their families, providing solution-focused support.

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Heart House is a nonprofit that provides safety, education and opportunity to refugee and underprivileged children in the Vickery Meadow neighborhood of Dallas, TX.


CASA develops and manages affordable rental housing, primarily for veterans and people living with disabilities.


More Customer Testimonials from Social Services


“One of the things that I enjoy so much about Bloomerang is the personal touch that they give all of their client interactions. I wouldn’t even say “a client,” because I feel like we’re friends. I’m friends with everyone at Bloomerang, because they are so open and available and personable.”

Jennifer Coffey, Director of Support Services and Advancement – Partners in Housing 

“When we signed on with Bloomerang, I was just too busy to take it all in. To learn something new was just so daunting–there was always something that came up. Honestly, I was embarrassed I wasn’t doing more, but I was just so, so busy.

But Bloomerang is so customer driven that they reached out to me because they actually want me to USE the product, not just pay for it.”

Janise Gray, Director of Grant Recipient Services – Equestrian Aid Foundation

Check out more of the Equestrian Aid Foundation’s experience with Bloomerang here >>

“Excellent company and software — highest of recommendations! The software is extremely user-friendly (organization, thoughtfulness and thoroughness of design in such ways as to be adaptable to each user’s needs). The vendor is beyond awesome. The Bloomerang individuals with whom I have been in contact via email or via phone are courteous, professional yet fun to speak with, engaging and so very knowledgeable and responsive.”
Dianna Montague, Administrative Assistant, Urban Ministries of Durham

“The folks at Bloomerang are spectacular! From the introduction sessions to the conversion process (I know many of you know the length and tediousness of this process) to our database going live, Bloomerang made it easy and quick.

This is a must have product for any small nonprofit! You will love the dashboard.”

Kamuela L. Bannister, Senior Development Specialist, Bay Clinic, Inc.

“We love Bloomerang! I am technologically challenged, and Bloomerang was/is easy for me to figure out and use. I have been able to easily teach two others how to use it. You make me feel like a techno rock star!

We love that the dashboard on donor retention is always right there, reminding us of where we’re at and where we want to be.”

Ann Kensek, Executive Coordinator, Counseling Service of Addison County


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