AI-Powered Online Giving – Bloomerang + Fundraise Up Integration

Dynamically optimized checkout powered by AI magic

The industry’s fastest checkout experience, built to convert website visitors into donors.

Fundraise Up improves conversion rates (and revenue!) between 30% and 200% over other leading donation form systems. Now you can quickly sync all your Fundraise Up donor transactions, donors, and recurring plans to see your data in your Bloomerang CRM in real time.

Powered by extensive backend technology and human-centered design, Fundraise Up is focused on doing one thing and doing it well — increasing your online donations.

That’s why Bloomerang has partnered with Fundraise Up to offer to set you up for some easy donor retention wins.

Generate 2x more revenue with same web traffic

Increase online donations by removing donor friction

  • Entice visitors to donate
    For every 100 visitors to a site—99 will not donate. We help you convert more visitors into donors.
  • Get donors to finish
    6 out of 7 potential donors will not finish checkout. We decrease abandonment with a seamless checkout flow.
  • Increase donor retention
    We keep donors informed, connected and in control of their ongoing support.
  • Increase giving amount
    Our system combines e-commerce best practices, machine learning and behavioral psychology to increase individual donations.
  • Leverage donor data
    You have full control over your data—and works with Bloomerang too.
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Multiple Payment Options

Donors give more when they can give with their favorite payment method—and they give more when they can give in their own currency.

With Fundraise Up, you can collect payments from the leading credit and debit card providers, as well as other options like PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. They also accept 135 currencies—with no foreign exchange fees!

Extensive Donor Portal

Save time and win donor’s trust with a self-serve, branded donor portal. Donors can update their profile, store payment methods, manage recurring plans and download end-of-year tax receipts—all while staying aligned with your message and brand.

Manage recurring plans

  • Change donation amount
  • Change donation date
  • Pause donation
  • Change payment method
  • Download receipts
  • Self-update profile
  • Manage stored payment methods
  • Donor see their donations
  • No password to remember

Branded to your organization

  • Your subdomain
  • Your email address
  • Your look & feel

Other Features

See Transactions Instantly

Your Fundraise Up donation data will be automatically synced with your Bloomerang CRM shortly after each donation. This includes supporter information, one-time and recurring donation details and status, as well as any refunds or failed donations.

Quick 2 Step Integration

Integration has been optimized to make it as quick and easy as possible for all Bloomerang users. 

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Want to connect FundraiseUp to your Bloomerang account?

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