Our product partner integrations allow us to concentrate on what we do best, while allowing you to connect Bloomerang to the systems you rely on.

Connect Bloomerang to Other Apps via Zapier

Our custom Zapier integration allows you to connect Bloomerang to the technology providers of your choice. With Zapier, you have immense freedom of choice when it comes to making Bloomerang work in your existing technology stack, or exploring new service options.

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Connect Bloomerang to thousands of apps.

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We use almost all of the Bloomerang product partner integrations available. We import our Shopify and photographic print orders into Bloomerang through Zapier, segment and communicate by email through Mailchimp, and have GeoTargetly and Fundraise Up implemented on our site. We’ve even provided our sponsors and key donor partners a Fundraise Up donate lightbox that allows their site visitors to donate to Pacific Wild without ever leaving the partner’s website. The new integration with Fundraise Up is excellent. We can now receive and receipt in any currency, and we can provide tax receipts on the spot for US and Canadian donors. Because of Bloomerang – and the recent integrations developed, including Zapier – we are now able to work on segmentation, stewardship and long range planning. It was always a chaotic ad-hoc end of year process and this year feels very different. 

bloomerang academy classesLaurie McConnell, Systems Wrangler & Community Outreach, Pacific Wild

Native Integrations

All-in-one systems might be able to do everything, but typically don’t excel at anything. While Bloomerang’s focus is on helping you generate value from donor relationships, we’ve invested in direct integrations with the following firms to help set you up for success in other facets of fundraising.

Fundraising and Finance in Harmony with QuickBooks Online

We know that fundraising is just one part of a nonprofit’s overall operational needs. When it comes to Accounting, QuickBooks is the undisputed leader. That’s why we’ve made it as easy as possible to manage your fundraising revenue across multiple platforms, while minimizing data entry time and errors with our Bloomerang QuickBooks integration.

QuickBooks Online users can connect to their Bloomerang account directly to sync transactions without the need for double-entry.

QuickBooks Desktop/Installed users can transfer transactions over to QuickBooks through our .IIF export feature.

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Accounting Nirvana

Sync Bloomerang with QuickBooks Online
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Advanced Email Marketing from Mailchimp

Bloomerang’s built-in email marketing system isn’t your only option. If you’re already using Mailchimp for your email marketing needs, and feel comfortable with it, you can keep it – and use Bloomerang’s top-rated donor management system.

Once you’ve linked your organization’s Mailchimp account via a simple sign-in, you’ll be able to populate a Mailchimp audience with Bloomerang data. You can filter and segment to your heart’s content in Bloomerang in order to build your audience in Mailchimp.

The best part? Constituents who receive and interact with Mailchimp emails will automatically have their profiles updated in Bloomerang!

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Primates unite!

Send emails to your Bloomerang constituents from Mailchimp.
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Accept Donations Online, On-Site and by Text with Qgiv

Qgiv helps nonprofit, faith-based, and political organizations raise more money with a powerful fundraising platform. Each piece of the Qgiv platform works together seamlessly, whether it’s a simple online fundraising form, an event, text message donations, auctions, or a peer-to- peer fundraiser. Qgiv also offers on-site options for collecting donations, mobile-friendly pages, service integrations, and powerful reporting and managing tools.

Bloomerang users can easily create peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns and personal fundraising pages through Qgiv, while capturing and synchronizing those interactions into Bloomerang.

With Qgiv, you’ll get:

  • Beautifully designed event pages for your fundraiser
  • Introductory quests and custom badges to gamify your event
  • Email tools to easily communicate with your supporters
  • Personal fundraising dashboards for participants
  • A Facebook fundraisers integration that displays funds raised on Facebook in your event thermometer
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Seamlessly sync your Qgiv fundraising activity with your Bloomerang records.

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Donor Data Stewardship from TrueGivers

Better data means better fundraising results.

Bloomerang has partnered with TrueGivers to offer nightly data stewardship updates. With the click of a button, all individual constituents with US addresses will be scanned and updated each night with NCOA information that includes address updates, deceased information (when applicable), and some optional demographic information.

No more head-scratching mysteries, frustration, and wasted time in updating your database. We automatically and regularly update and synchronize the data for you. Your data is always ready to be put to work when you need it.

That means no more undelivered mail or hurt feelings when a surviving relative receives mail addressed to their deceased loved one.

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The easiest way to keep your donor data clean and up-to-date.

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Wealth and Generosity Screening from DonorSearch

With the available DonorSearch integration, Bloomerang users can easily gather comprehensive information on a constituent’s wealth and history of philanthropic giving.

Right from the Bloomerang interface, users are only one click away from an in-depth report that is returned within seconds!

DonorSearch’s newly redesigned Integrated Search puts information from 25 public and proprietary databases at your fingertips, along with detailed analytics and modeling.

Organizations can research in-depth information about any prospective donor, formulate ask amounts, identify an engagement strategy and more.

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AI-Powered Online Giving from Fundraise Up

Fundraise Up improves conversion rates (and revenue!) between 30% and 200% over other leading donation form systems. Now you can quickly sync all your Fundraise Up donor transactions, donors, and recurring plans to see your data in your Bloomerang CRM in real time.

Powered by extensive backend technology and human-centered design, Fundraise Up is focused on doing one thing and doing it well — increasing your online donations.

That’s why Bloomerang has partnered with Fundraise Up to offer to set you up for some easy donor retention wins.

With Fundraise Up, you can collect payments from the leading credit and debit card providers, as well as other options like PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. They also accept 135 currencies—with no foreign exchange fees!

Through an extensive donor portal, donors can update their profile, store payment methods, manage recurring plans and download end-of-year tax receipts—all while staying aligned with your message and brand.

Fundraise Up donation data will be automatically synced with your Bloomerang CRM shortly after each donation. This includes supporter information, one-time and recurring donation details and status, as well as any refunds or failed donations.

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Increase online donations by removing donor friction.

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Peer-to-Peer, Ticketing, Forms, and more from Givebutter

Givebutter enables users to create peer-to-peer fundraising pages, sell tickets to events of all kinds, and embed custom payment forms directly on websites, with innovative features like Venmo and Text-to-Donate built-in at no additional cost.

Bloomerang users can seamlessly track, synchronize, and attribute their dollars, tickets, member credits, interactions, constituents, designations, funds, appeals, and more through the native Givebutter integration.

With Givebutter, you get unlimited access to these features:

  • Accept Venmo, PayPal, Apple/Google Pay, Credit Cards
  • Invite unlimited members and teammates
  • Give from anywhere with Text-to-Donate
  • Embed Givebutter directly to a website
  • Send beautifully designed emails & personalized receipts
  • Quick and easy payouts via direct deposit
  • Live chat, email, and self-serve support
  • And more!

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Give better with Givebutter ?

Connect Givebutter with Bloomerang today!
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Fund Accounting from Aplos

Grow your mission and simplify your workload by integrating Aplos Accounting with Bloomerang.

Synchronize your accounting and donor transactions by integrating your Bloomerang account with the #1 solution for online nonprofit accounting, Aplos Accounting. The two systems securely share real-time data, so you can keep track of your donors and your financials without lifting a finger. Unlike other solutions that require you to import and export each time you want to update your records, Aplos empowers you to link your purposes within your Bloomerang account to your Aplos chart of accounts so each batch of donations are automatically accounted for in your transactions. Simply authorize your accounts to sync, choose the accounts and purposes you wish to link within Aplos and our system will begin transferring the donation data to your fund accounting in Aplos. You save time in data entry, improve accuracy of your records, and stay up-to-date. You manage your contacts and donor relations in Bloomerang and your financials in Aplos, all while having more time to manage and grow your mission.

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Take your finances and management to the next level with Aplos and Bloomerang.

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Website Content Management System from Firespring

Firespring, the first Certified B Corporation (B Corp) in the state of Nebraska, provides comprehensive website packages, donation processing and IT help desk services – all fully integrated with your Bloomerang database. You can have it all with friendly phone support from a real person who genuinely cares about your cause.

The Firespring Springboard content management system gives you full control over your website. Update text, photos, blogs, calendars, events, registration forms and more without the help of a programmer, and designate who is able to update your website by giving full or limited access based on people’s roles.

Firespring is a proud supporter of Nonprofit Hub, an online resource center designed to provide tools, information and expert advice on a variety of topics.


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Custom Donation Acknowledgement Videos from Gratavid

Automatically thank donors after each new donation and save engagement data back in Bloomerang with our direct Gratavid integration.

Now you can integrate Bloomerang and Gratavid directly! No third party is required, and it takes less than a few minutes to set up. Use the integration to automatically send Gratavids after each donation or create a Gratavid task to thank high-value gifts personally. Filter based on first-time givers, gift amount, campaign, and much more. The best part? Engagement data (i.e., video plays, replies, etc.) is automatically saved back in Bloomerang.

Research has shown over and over again that thanking your donors is one of the best ways to increase your donor retention, and a personalized thank you is the best way to communicate your gratitude.

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Want to automatically thank donors after each new donation and save engagement data back in Bloomerang?

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